Monday, May 5, 2014

Water Gap 300k/200k Ride Report

Bucks County in the fading sunlight
photo compliments of Chris Newman
Preliminary results for the 300k have been posted at:
... and for the 200k:
...Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

Chilly temperatures in the low 40F's and overcast skies at the start gave way to sunshine and high 60F's by the afternoon.  The wind that help speed riders north along Rt 209 was most unhelpful for the return legs southbound. By late afternoon and through the evening, scattered showers caught nearly everyone at one point or another.  The 4-6 inches of rain that had fallen earlier in the week left all the streams and water falls flush with water.

Tthe 38-mile segment from Hainesville to Great Meadows was one of the big challenges of the day.  But as hard as it was, Bill Olsen correctly observed that it could have been even harder, had we gone just another mile or so along Rt 519 for the climb up to Jenny Jump.  If you feel bad about missing out on that opportunity, you'll get a second chance by signing up for the upcoming NJ300k.

27 of 29 starters finished the 300k, and all 5 of the 200k starters were finishers.  Of note, Chris Enrico (riding the 300k) and Jon Erwin (riding the 200k) joined a select number of participants who completed their first Eastern PA brevet as a first finishers  -- congratulations, and well done!  Also of note, CJ Arayata and Greg Keenan completed their first 300k -- congratulations to them both for reaching this milestone.

Nigel Greene writes: " 'I survived the 2014 PA 300K' T Shirt would not be out of place. That was a tough course that lived up to the PA Rando reputation for climbing. Who needs hill repeats. Just do one of these course every two weeks!...."
You can read Nigel's complete ride report on "Grace and Humility" at:
... and you can follow the links at the end of the report to his photos and video slide show.

Ed Bernasky writes: "... Thank you for another great course. Yesterday's ride was a microcosm of life itself from the hour upon hour of ego boosting effortless cruising north from Blue Mountain where I felt like a teenager again to having Norm the freight train and his entourage blow by me just before true reality slammed me in the face with the abyss of Old Mine Shaft topped off with "Mill break your back Brook" after which my body and Garmin went into a funk, both of which were cleansed with a refreshing little sprinkle from the gods, which was another nice bonus because my frame needed cleaning.   In the end, you make it.  We got the full life's treatment on a lovely course, thank you..."

Chris Newman writes: "..Thanks for another great ride.  The route was beautiful  as always although this ride seamed a bit more challenging than usual. I took great comfort in knowing you too were climbing Old Mine and Millbrook!... And thanks to Patrick for manning the finish controle and additionally to Cecilie for the pre-ride and helpful pre-ride report..."
Once again, Chris took some fantastic photos, which have been posted here:

Guy Harris writes: "...Thanks for a great selection of roads. It occurred to me this morning that I am passed by more cars everyday on my 25mile commute than I was on the entire 300K. The new installment of "101 ways from Riegelsville to Quakertown" is a keeper. Thanks to Pat for volunteering at the finish..."

Bob Torres writes: "... this was one heck of a ride, very scenic but probably the toughest 300 I have finished. It sure tested my climbing legs but it was also a fun ride to boot. One thing for sure, I will never forget Millbrook Road! ...Thanks again for organizing a great route and Patrick and Cecilie for the pre-ride and Patrick for greeting us at the Hostel...."

Joe Fillip writes: "...Thanks to you and the volunteers for all of your hard work on Saturday's 300 Km. It was great to see so many of the "usual suspects," and we lucked out on the weather (for the most part). I have to confess, however, that I hope never to see Milbrook Road again (at least on a bike). It was a bracing reminder of the difference between American and European roads - only in America would they build the road straight up the mountain side! ..."

Special thanks to both Cecilie and Patrick Gaffney for checking out the course with their volunteer preride. Patrick also ran the finish controle, provided the postride meal, and rescued a rider out on course, Thanks also for Bill Olsen, who helped man the finish controle, and also to Gilbert Torres, for helping out with the Friday night setup at the hostel start.  All these helping hands make these events possible -- thanks!

Next up, is the 400k on May17th.  Details will be posted shortly.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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