Friday, May 31, 2013

New Holland 200k

*** Update 1 (5/31) ***
The current cuesheet is draft 4, dated 5/29/13, with a number of course changes from the 2012 edition.  Previously, there was a long stretch on Rt 23 after crossing the Schuylkill River outbound to New Holland.  This year, you'll head into French Creek State Park via Rt 724, Red Corners, and a climb up Shed. You'll then travel along Lancaster valley back roads after passing through Morgantown.  This is actually a route option we used in previous years which some of you may remember.  On the way back, the controle in Limerick has been changed to avoid afternoon traffic on Linfield Rd.

Additional Course Notes:
-Mile 23.9: The first controle after the sleep stop is an un-timed post card controle in Limerick.  You will be given a postcard to mail at sign-in, and I'm expecting you to write me some really good limericks on the card before you mail it.  So start working on one now.  For some good ideas, you can read last year's limericks at this link:
About 0.3 miles after the Limerick controle, you'll be passing the Limerick Diner which would be a good place to stop and have a nice sit-down meal.
-Mile 37.4: You'll be traveling a rather long way on Rt 724 and this turn is easy to miss.  There is a spotting cue before this turn that will help you find it.  If you find yourself in Birdsboro, you've gone too far!
-Mile 99.4: Course tweak to get you off of Linfield Rd, which is narrow in spots and carries a lot of afternoon traffic.  Along with this change, the controle is now a Dunkin Donuts, located in a strip mall 3 miles down this road.
-Mile 129.5: Hostel Finish: There will be another large function going on at the hostel and they will be using the big common room.  For the finish, we'll have use of the living room on the right as you walk in the front door, where the volunteers will greet and feed you.

Reminder: the bike inspection checklist has been recently updated:

You will now need to have 2 taillights securely mounted to your frame -- not to a fabric loop on a bag, and not to the back of your jersey (which I've been seeing more of, lately).  I also want you to have some sort of redundant headlight but this doesn't need to be permanently mounted.  You can carry your spare in a bag.  In general, a head lamp attached to your helmet is not sufficient for a backup, unless you have a way of securely mounting it to your bike.

As you are probably well aware, the weather forecast is for lots of heat and humidity for this weekend.  Given the below average temperatures we've recently had this past weekend, there certainly has not been much time acclimate to the above average heat you'll be facing -- so please take extra caution to keep hydrated and your electrolytes balanced.  Bringing along an ice-sock is highly recommended, along with plenty of Endurolytes.

Jon Clamp will be signing you in, cooking you breakfast, and sending you on your way. Bill Slabonik will meet you at the finish.  Vegetarian chili is on the menu for the post-ride meal.

Roster (as of 5/31)
1 Clair Beiler
2 Dan Brown
3 Jeffery S Butt
4 David C Eisenberg
5 Nigel Greene
6 Althea Grace Pineda
7 Leonard Zawodniak

Please note that the registration fee is $25 for this R-12 event, to offset the additional expense of the hostel rental, breakfast, and post-ride meal.

Have a safe ride!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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