Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Mountain 400k Ride Report

18 riders clipped in for the Blue Mountain 400k, including 2 volunteer preriders.  All finished in good time for another 100%  -- congratulations to all for an excellent result on a challenging course. Preliminary results have been posted at

... please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted this week, and become final, pending RUSA/ACP certification.

In past years, the weather for the PA400k has been warm and humid, making those climbs up those Blue Mountain ridges even tougher.  But this time, the overcast skies and moderate temperatures made for nearly ideal riding conditions in the daytime.  But those clouds eventually turned to rain during the evening hours -- while the faster riders managed to stay dry, some of the later finishers ended up with a 70 mile slog through the rain.  But all-in-all, there can't be too many complaints, especially in light of the 85F temperature and high humidity on top of some rain in the forecast for the next couple of days.

Of note, a number of riders have completed at least a PA200k, PA300k, and PA400k and thus are just a PA600k away from completing their Eastern PA Super Randonneur series:
1 Dan Barbasch
2 Gavin Biebuyck
3 Ed Dodd
4 William Fischer
5 Guy Harris
6 Donald Jagel
7 Eric Keller
8 Robin C Landis
9 Kate Marshall
10 Chris Nadovich
11 William Olsen
12 Hugo Safar
13 Paul D Scearce
14 Norman Smeal
15 Victor Urvantsev
... I'm looking forward to making Eastern PA Super Randonneur plaques for all of them:

Special thanks to volunteers Norman Smeal, Jon Clamp, Bill Fischer, Janice Chernekoff, Bill Olsen and Andrew Mead.   Norman and Bill Fischer completed a check-out ride and provided detours for the road construction.  Janice manned the start controle, cooked breakfast, and signed in riders while Bill Olsen helped out with bike inspection.  Thankfully, everybody was paying attention at the rider meeting when Janice instructed everyone to have "A Safe Ride."  Andrew manned the Brownsville controle while Norman spent many hours sweeping the course at Limerick and making sure all the riders were accounted for.  And finally, Jon Clamp spent many hours manning the finish controle and making sure all the finishers were well fed.  This was a fantastic volunteer crew and the first time the PA400k has been run from beginning to end entirely with volunteers -- a big thanks from an appreciate RBA for all that help!

Chris Nadovich writes "...It was a nice change, arriving at Blondie's with some water left in my bottle.  Remember that 2010 death march 400K? Yeesh! I'll take cool drizzle over oppressive heat any time.  
Thanks to the volunteers, especially to Norman who graciously invited me into his warm car at the Limerick controle. Thanks to him, I was able to recharge, warm up, and somewhat dry out before slogging through the final segment with my soggy guardian angel walking along side. .."

Bill Olsen writes: "...Thanks again for staging this event, and especially the volunteers - Janice who saw us off at the early-hour start, and Jon who kept a light on for us as we arrived in through the night, and into the morning, and Norman and the others who were out monitoring our progress throughout the day out on the course..."

Guy Harris writes: "...Norman told Dan, Robin, and me at the Limerick control that we were your missing 3 all day. Seems we were in the crack between the fast crowd and the slow crowd. We did ride together for safety at night though. ... It  occurred to me that this 400K route is long enough to have a little bit of all eastern PA rides - the Delaware River, the little ups and downs, Blue Mountain, the little ups and downs, Lancaster and the Amish, the little ups and downs, Quakertown. I particularly noticed the little ups and downs on the fixed as you can tell. Many, many thanks to Janice (for doing her best Tom impression), Norm (for encouraging the last 30miles), Jon (for keeping the club house fire going), and you for the great organization...."

Hugo Safar writes: "... great ride, thanks for putting it together!!  It was a perfect day, and a truly beautiful course. And thanks for the volunteers that did the pre-ride, and noted the construction on 309...with the pictures they sent it was clear what to do for a safe crossing.  It was also great to have their friendly faces and conversation in the last stops, when every bit of energy and encouragement counted ..."

Ed Dodd writes: "...Thanks once again for organizing another great brevet. It is always an exhausting pleasure to leave the flatlands and come to the land of up and up and up. And, of course, thanks to Janice, Norm, and Jon for all their help before, during, and after the event. ..."

Lane Giardina writes: "..Belated but heartfelt thanks for a great event Saturday.  An excellent route, wonderful support from start to finish, and the chance to ride with some folks who'd been familiar names but not so familiar faces made for another special ride.  And the chili at the finish was excellent -- after 248 miles I had just enough energy to stop myself from going face down in it. ..."

Next up is the PA600k on June 1st.  Again, the start/finish is at the Weisel hostel, where the usual preride breakfast and postride meals will be available.  Event details have been posted at:
... as usual, PA members in good standing can register via e-mail by the Thursday before the event.  The cuesheet currently posted is from last year, but I'm looking at making some course tweaks to avoid some busy areas near Shawnee and Lancaster.  Be sure to check the website and message board for updates.

Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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