Monday, December 31, 2012

January R12 Brevet

** January 2 Update **
I checked out the route today and an updated cue sheet has been posted (Draft 3) on the website.

The roads were in surprisingly good shape with almost no ice/wet patches and very little runoff.   A couple more sunny, breezy days should eliminate what little moisture remains.  As is to be expected, there is a LOT of salt and gravel around so exercise care when diving into those turns.

There is a bridge closure at Controle #3.  This is an information control at the Cornwall Iron Furnace.  Fortunately, some of the orange barricade netting has been removed since my last visit and it is now possible to get across the bridge (all 10 feet of it) if you walk your bike.

I also added a few "Easy to Miss" notations in the cue.  Take note of these lest you get off course in the maze of roadways that is Lancaster County. 

Saturday looks to be chilly, but tolerable.  Compared to the PA Dutch ride of 2010 it should be downright balmy and calm.

A post-ride eating venue has also been identified to allow time to warm up, chow down, and tell tall tales of randonneuring adventure.  It is the Clubhouse Pizza & Pub located on Main St in Morgantown about 1/2 mile east of the starting location at the intersection of Main and 4th Avenue.  It is located here:  Hope to see you all there.

Andrew Mead

** Original Post **
It is hard to believe that 2013 is already upon us and with it the start of a new R12 brevet series for Pennsylvania Randonneurs.  Come kick off the new year with a new brevet route, the Morgantown 200k, on January 5.  Registration opens at 7:00am with riders daparting at 7:30.  Additional details can be found at the PA Randonneurs website,

Veterans of the Pennsylvania Dutch brevet can surely recall how terrain and weather usually combine in some fashion to make this event memorable.  There's not much I can do about the weather in January, but I have worked to develop a route that should be a little more forgiving and less susceptible to inclement weather.  The route starts in Morgantown, PA in a parking lot adjacent to the public library and behind the Holiday Inn.  If you follow this link ( you will see the parking lot as the U-shaped lot.  From here the route heads generally west, spanning the entirety of Lancaster County along its northern boundary to a turnaround point in Middletown, PA.  From Middletown, the route heads east to Morgantown, tracking generally south of Lancaster along many roads used in the Pennsylvania Dutch 200k route.  Only time will tell if this is truly a kinder, gentler route.

In typical winter fashion, the weather has impacted my ability to properly pre-ride the route when originally planned (on several occasions actually).  I currently have a pre-ride checkout ride planned for Thursday, so check back Friday for any last-minute cue sheet updates.  The only one of significance is a bridge closure in Cornwall.  The bridge is only 10 feet long, so I'll be checking to see whether we can easily get across instead of using the cyclocross move through a creek I used earlier this year.  I'll also be checking on a suitable venue for a post-ride gathering.

Drop me a line if you're planning to clip in.
Andrew Mead
- organizer

Roster as of 1/4:

1 Clair Beiler
2 Gavin Biebuyck
3 Jeffery S Butt
4 Janice Chernekoff
5 Jonathan Clamp
6 Matthew Farrell
7 William Fischer
8 J Scott Franzen
9 Doug Haluza
10 Thomas Hovan
11 Donald Jagel
12 R. Mark Kaufman
13 Eric Keller
14 Robin C Landis
15 J Michael Lutz
16 Andrew D Mead
17 Chris Nadovich
18 William Olsen
19 John Peltier
20 Peter C Phillips
21 Tom Rosenbauer
22 Norman Smeal
23 Keith A Spangler
24 Leonard Zawodniak

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