Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Recap

Final results for 2012 have been posted at:

Congratulations on all those hard-earned brevets -- collectively, we officially tallied over 83,000 Km in completed brevets.  All those brevets added up to 871 RUSA points, placing Eastern PA 6th out of 50 regions.  Thank you for clipping in and being a part of that success.  But of course, none of those brevets would've been possible, if not for all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out:
- Glenn Ammons 400k finish
- Ron & Barb Anderson 1000k overnight
- Dan Barbasch 1000k overnight
- Bill Blank Apr. R-12,
- Jim Bondra 1000k sweep
- Laurent Chambard 1000k sweep, overnight controles
- Doug Haluza 600k finish
- Bill Fischer 1000k sweep
- Don Jagel Mar. R-12, 1000k sweep
- Eric Keller 1000k sweep
- Mike Lutz Sep. R-12
- Andrew Mead Advisor, Jan., Apr. Sep. R-12 Organizer, 400k, 600k overnight, PA Message boards
- George Metzler Apr. R-12 BBQ,
- Paul Murray 600k setup
- Chris Nadovich 300k finish, 400k, 1000k finish
- Christine Newman 400k finish, Oct 200k food
- Bill Olsen Advisor, Jan. R-12, Feb. R-12, 600k, Jul. Dec. R-12 organizer
- Curtis Palmer Jan. R-12
- Chris Roth Jul. R-12
- Hugo Safar Oct. 200k food
- Bill Slabonik Apr., Jun. R-12, Sep. R-12
- Norman Smeal 400k
- Keith Spangler Apr., Jun. Sep. R-12, 1000k sweep
- Ted Straub Jan. R-12
- Len Zawodniak Feb. Nov. R-12, 600k finish

This was a year of many accomplishments -- too many to list completely -- but some selected ones I'd like to share with you include:
There were seven Eastern PA Super Randonneurs this year: Dan Barbasch (2nd), Gavin Biebuyck (2nd), Bill Fischer (2nd), Nigel Greene, Eric Keller (4th), Bill Olsen (4th), and Bob Torres.  Well Done!  Honorable mention to the following riders who just came up a bit short in completing their PA SR series: Dan Aaron, Matthew Farrell, Laurent Chambard, Walt Pettigrew, Guy Harris, Norman Smeal, and Susan Rodetis – I hope I can hand out a plaque to you also, next year!

Bill Olsen clipped-in and finished 4460 km of the 4660 km on the Eastern PA calendar, missing only the 200k in April. Bill also notched another PA R-12 series – his 3rd!  Bill currently has a streak of 27 months going, which is the longest of any PA Randonneur ever.  Norman Smeal, missing just 3 events, racked up 3960 km,.
Two other riders also completed their R-12 series: Don Jagel and yours truly completed their 2nd.  Eric Keller with a current streak of 10 months is closing in on his first PA R-12 series.
Several riders tested their limits on longer rides: Fred Collins, Michelle Hughes, Chris Knight, Gary Mass, David Pawlyk, and Chris Roth completed their first 300k. Clair Beiler, Michelle Hughes, Norman Smeal and Susan Rodetis completed their first 400k. Susan and Norman then followed that up with their very first 600k.  Norman then went on to complete his very first 1000k.
Eastern PA participants were well represented on the grand randonnees this year: S1200: Bill Olsen; CHC1200:  Laurent Chambard, Mordecai Silver; ToC1200: Chip Adams, Michael Anderson, Patrick Chin-Hong, Nigel Greene, Eric Keller, Larry Midura, Maile Neel, Bill Olsen; LC1200 Bill Olsen; RM1200: Patrick Chin-Hong, Larry Midura, Bill Olsen. Of note, Bill and Larry both completed a CAN-AM challenge and RUSA cup – well done!

In 2013, there will be several domestic 1200k's to choose from, including the 2nd edition of the Endless Mountains 1240k – I’m hoping that at least half the field will officially finish this time around.  The Eastern PA region will also be offering many brevets for qualification and preparation including a complete SR series and an R-12 series of monthly 200k’s.  With a grand randonnee on the calendar, I’m especially counting on volunteers to step up to help out. Randonneurs from afar will be traveling to our area and you can help make this a positive experience for them.

-Tom Rosenbauer, Eastern PA RBA

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