Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stillwater 200k

*** Update #3 (11/9) ***
The cuesheet has been updated to draft 8: the controle open/close times have been updated to reflect the new start time of 06:30 (no course changes).  The following are some additional items to be aware of:
- There may still be some road debris left over from Hurricane Sandy.  Keep away from any downed power lines, and watch for small twigs that might get caught in your wheel.  Also, watch out for any partially fallen trees that have not been cleared yet -- there was one that partially obstructed the road on Polkville-Kill Rd around mile 121 last weekend.
- Controle #4 in Lafayette is now open for business.
- There is a bridge closed at mile 126.4 but it is passable by foot.

*** Update #2 (11/7) ***
The start time has been changed from 07:30 to 06:30.  This change will maximize the amount of daylight riding, and minimize the time later finishers will need to pick their way through any road debris in the dark.  This change also compensates for the change from daylight savings time (which was in effect before the event was rescheduled).  Unfortunately, the Mount Bethel diner opens at 6 AM, so if you want to have breakfast, the truck stop across the river in Columbia, NJ would be a better option.  There's a 24-hr Travel Center and McDonald's off the Rt 80 access road (which you will be passing by near the finish).

*** Roster (as of 11/9) ***

1 Jeffery S Butt
2 Laurent Chambard
3 William Fischer
4 Diane Goodwin
5 Doug Haluza
6 Donald Jagel
7 Eric Keller
8 Robin C Landis
9 William Olsen
10 Tom Rosenbauer
11 Norman Smeal

*** Update #1 (11/5) ***
I recently scouted portions of the course.  All controles, with the exception of #4 in Lafayette, NJ are open for business.  Controle #5 in Stillwater is running off of a generator and plans to be open on Saturday, but of course, will have limited food selections.  As you can imagine, several areas still have debris on the side of road, including many small twigs and some downed power lines.  I encountered some road closures on Rt 521 near Stillwater, but these are passable by foot.

The larger towns, for the most part, all seemed to have power.  While riding through the sparsely populated backroads, the drone of generators was quite evident.  However, I saw many utility crews working in these areas; so slowly but surely, the clean-up and recovery efforts are progressing.

*** Original Post ***
Due to the effects of hurricane Sandy, the Stillwater 200k originally scheduled for November 3rd, has been postponed until November 10th.  Hopefully, clean-up and recovery efforts will progress enough by then to allow us to safely ride.

If you plan to participate, please drop me a note by Thursday, November 8th.

Be sure to monitor the message board and website for updates, as we assess the course conditions in the coming week:

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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