Thursday, July 19, 2012

July R-12 Hawks Nest 200k Report

Preliminary results for the July 14th Hawk's Nest 200k have been posted at:
... Results will become final, pending ACP certification.  Note: Due to the delay at the start, caused by diner being slow with breakfast, 10 minutes was credited to each rider.

The 14 riders that made it to the start with all their necessary equipment finished well within the time limit for another 100% finish rate on this course.  Jud Hand also made it to the start but somehow his wheels didn't.  So Jud generously offered to support the ride as a volunteer by sweeping the course in his car and meeting all the riders at each controle -- thanks Jud, for your unexpected help and tremendous display of camaraderie and randonneuring spirit!

Special thanks also, to Organizer Bill Olsen (flying solo this time with the RBA on vacation in California).  And thanks also to volunteer Chris Roth for helping out at the start and finish controles.

Don Jagel writes: "..The ride was the perfect way to start the first day of vacation.  The weather, and company could not have been better.  I spent most of the day riding on and off with Norm and Bob.  The real "icing on the cake" was the surprise at Hawks Nest.  Now that the construction is done it is possible to relax and take in the views when passing through on glass smooth asphalt.  I was sorry that Jud was not able to ride, but I sure did appreciate the effort he put in to make to every control except Hainesville, and he was even there to greet us at the finish.  Thanks Jud! Tomorrow I am leaving for driving up to Canada to start officially start my vacation.  I will be riding up through northeastern Quebec, then across Labrador for several weeks.  I will start riding on 7/17.  If anyone is interested, I will be posting a log and photos as I go, whenever I can get web access.  I will also have real time GPS tracking as I go.  I will be posting at

Ted Smith writes: "...Bill, I wanted to thank you for putting on a great ride.  As expected it was
challenging but very enjoyable.  Looking back, I don't remember the difficulties of the climbs or the cursing under my breath as I turned the pedals over in the sun.  I remember some great downhill segments over smooth pavement on roads free of cars.  I was even able to beat my top speed ever on two wheels as well!  Also, riding along in the paceline for many miles on the back half or the ride was thoroughly enjoyable. If I wasn't moving so soon I would definitely clip in more with the PA
Randonnuers.  The two rides that I have ridden with the group were some of the best rides I've been t on, period, since I moved to New Haven three years ago. Here are some pictures of the bear that I saw...."

Nigel Greene's  ride report has been posted at:
... and his photo album is here:

On August 4th, we'll be headed back to Hawk's Nest for the August R-12.  Drop me a note if you would like to be added to the roster.  Also, I've already have heard from a number of riders interested in the Endless Mountains 1000k -- please let me know by the end of July if you're planning to join the roster, too.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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