Monday, July 30, 2012

August Events

*** Update 8/3/12 ***

We ran recently the Hawk's Nest 200k for the July R-12, the August 4th edition will be exactly the same and the previous course notes have been posted here:

... the Rt 97 construction is completed, but those of you not familiar with the Rt 80 pedestrian bridge, the link above has some additional info to help you figure out how to get across.  Also, please take note of the parking directions -- the lot is right behind the dinner, around the corner, as shown on the map.

I spoke to the folks at the Water Gap Diner, and I made arrangements to have the cook there early, in order to get the grill warmed up -- so hopefully, they'll be ready for us this time and there won't be any delays in getting food ordered.

It looks like a hot numid day on tap, although the dew points today are several degrees lower in Hawley -- hopefully, that dry slot will hang in there for us tomorrow!  But I plan to pack an ice sock, just in case, along with a camelback to keep hydrated.

I have a couple of SPOT GPS trackers that I recently bought and have been evaluating them for use on brevets to help keep track of riders.  I'll be handing these out to a couple of riders at the start to carry along with them.

*** 200k Roster (as of 8/3/12)

1 Philip S Borba
2 Gerhard J.A. Dohne
3 Dawn M Engstrom
4 Kerin Huber
5 Eric Keller
6 William Olsen
7 Tom Rosenbauer
8 Norman Smeal
9 Bob Torres

*** Original Post ***
On August 4, we'll be headed back to Hawk's Nest for a 200k ride through the cool, shaded roads in Promised Land and along the Upper Delaware River.  Event details are at:
If you'd like to join the roster, please send me an e-mail by Thursday, August 2.

And two weeks later on August 17, the Endless Mountains 1000k offers you a truly epic challenge.  The Daily Randonneur's Ed Felker calls it the "...the toughest randonnee you'll ever love..." A link to Ed's ride report can be found here:
Event Details have been posted here:
Registration closes on August 10.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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  1. This was my first PA Randonneur brevet and I just wanted to thank Tom and Bill and the others for the friendly reception in the morning. The ride was very scenic and really well laid out with lots of shade and stops in places where it was possible to refuel. Old mine road is tough as nails, in particular with a 39x25(go figure...). I was happy to finish with Bob and Norman, who kept me motivated on the hills in the latter part of the course - Thanks guys