Tuesday, December 13, 2011

K-Hounds Among Us

From Dan Driscol:

In years past we have done an article in the American Randonneur congratulating all the K-Hounds past and present.  This year I’d like to share a spread sheet that shows just how impressive this effort has amounted to (see randon listserv for spreadsheet).  A grand total of over 1,417,354 Km's - of individual efforts of more than 10,000 Km's per year within 6 years. No other country in the world comes anywhere close to this accomplishment.

In the past 6 years 54 RUSA members have earned 107 K-Hound Awards for riding more than 10,000 Km in a calendar year, with female RUSA members being responsible for about 30% of these K-Hound Awards.

Although 2011 is not official yet, it will be the biggest pack of hounds ever, with 34 RUSA members earning K-Hound Status.

Congrats to our new 2011 K-Hound Klub members; Ward Beebe, Grover Everett, Stephen Hazelton, Ken Johnson, Spencer Klaassen, Joe Kratovil, Tim Lucas, Maile Neel, Ogden Olmstead, Bill Olsen, John Pogue, Susan Pogue, Bryan Rierson, Bob Riggs, Thomas Russell, and Catherine Shenk.

Congrats again to all for making RUSA such great group of over achievers to run with.

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  1. Don't forget Maile Neel, one of our PA SR achievers; note that she's the only female East of the Mississippi to earn such an honor!