Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 Final Results and Recap

Eastern PA 2011 Final Results have been posted at:

Validated 2011 brevet cards have started rolling out into the mail ... as of 12/17, I'm up the "L's".   Congratulations on all those hard-earned brevets -- collectively, we officially tallied over 75,000 Km in completed brevets.  Thank you for clipping in and being a part of that success.  But of course, none of those brevets would've been possible, if not for all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out:

- Glenn Ammons           600k finish
- Ron & Barb Anderson Jan. R-12, PBP Vests
- Bill Blank                     Aug R-12 preride
- Shane Beake               PA Wool Jersey, Oct. 200k BBQ
- Victoria Beake             Oct. 200k finish and BBQ
- Jack Bingham               Jan. R-12
- Andy Brenner              400k finish, 600k overnight
- Rick Carpenter            Advisor, Jan. R-12 Organizer, Mar. R-12, 300k & 400k preride
- Bob Dye                     PA Randonneurs logo
- John Freeman             600k sign-in
- Doug Haluza               Oct. 200k preride
- Barbara Harris            300k & 600k course sweep
- Guy Harris                  400k preride and course sweep, 600k sweep
- Mark Kaufman            Jan. R-12
- Don Jagel                    Feb. R-12, PBP Vests, 600k preride and overnight controle
- Andrew Mead             Advisor, Mar. & Sep. R-12 Organizer, 600k sweep, Jun. R-12, PA Message boards
- George Metzler            Mar. R-12 CafĂ© & Grill, Aug. R-12 preride
- Chris Nadovich            600k overnight controle
- Christine Newman        600k start
- Bill Olsen                    Advisor, Feb., Jul. & Aug R-12 Organizer, Nov. R-12 finish
- Curtis Palmer              Jan. R-12
- Becky Rosenbauer      600k finish
- Keith Spangler            Mar. R-12, Dec. R-12 sweep
- Christine Torres           200k finish
- Len Zawodniak            200k course sweep, Jul. R-12 sweep, Oct. 200k sweep

This was a year of many notable accomplishments -- too many to list completely -- but some selected ones I'd like to share with you include:
·         Two dozen or so Eastern PA participants made it to the starting line at PBP. While I was pulling for each and every one of you, it was especially gratifying for me to see the following riders have a successful ride: Yiping Lin from Taiwan completed her first U.S.A. brevet with PA Randonneurs; Ron and Barbara Anderson rode their very first event with PA Randonneurs in 2006 (the very first year of Eastern PA events); Christine Newman, with the confidence of an EM1000k and Eastern PA SR series under her belt, found redemption in 2011 after coming up a bit short in 2007.  Eric Keller, Chris Nadovich, Joel Flood, Roy Yates, and Cecilie Adams also rode their first brevets with PA Randonneurs; And Cecilie, as many of you already know, became engaged to Patrick Gaffney at the top of Fox Gap back in 2010 – all went according to plan, with their marriage just before PBP and a post-ride honeymoon in France.

·         There were a record number of Eastern PA Super Randonneurs: Cecilie Adams (2), Shane Beake, Gavin Biebuyck, Rick Carpenter (3), Tim Conway, Joe Fillip, Bill Fischer, Joel Flood, Patrick Gaffney (2), Doug Haluza, Guy Harris (3), Mark Kaufman, Eric Keller (3), Chris Nadovich, Christine Newman, Bill Olsen (3), and Roy Yates.  Well Done!

·         Bill Olsen clipped-in and finished 4060 km of the 4760 km on the Eastern PA calendar, missing only three opportunities to ride – most likely because he was instead riding a 1200k somewhere else!  Bill also notched another PA R-12 series.

·         Several other riders also completed their R-12 series. Of note, Doug Haluza completed an R-12, despite having a number of spectacular mechanicals to deal with on a couple of the rides.  Don Jagel joined the Eastern PA honor roll by completing an Eastern PA R-12 this year.  Rick Carpenter completed yet another R-12 series and is closing in on an R-12 streak of 5 years – Wow!

In 2012, there will be several domestic 1200k's to choose from.  The Eastern PA region will be offering many brevets for qualification and preparation including a complete SR series and an R-12 series of monthly 200k’s. And for those of you who are freshly minted PBP anciens, you just need a Fleche and 1000k to earn the prestigious R-5000 award – and the Eastern PA region will give you an opportunity to do so next year.  But in order to keep running all these events, we need some new volunteers to step up and take their turn at the front (and perhaps allow some of the regular volunteers to sit-in for a while). 

-Tom Rosenbauer, Eastern PA RBA


  1. If you'd like to volunteer, please send me an e-mail: and let me know what your availability is. Help with the longer brevets is especially needed. Volunteers may pre-ride an event, up to 15 days in advance of a scheduled brevet.

    -Tom Rosenbauer
    Eastern PA RBA