Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brevet Week

**** Update #3 (5/19) ****
Cuesheet correction to Draft 11 at mile 370.3:

370.3    B R   Walnut Ln
370.3    B R   TRO (unmarked) Doerr Rd (Walnut Ln on left)

**** Update #2 (5/18) ****
Cuesheets have been updated and the current versions as of 5/18 are:
-400k: Draft 4 (5/18)
-600k: Draft 11 (5/16)
This should be final, unless of course, a last minute correction is needed.  However, nearly all of the routing for the 400k and 600k has either been recently ridden, or checked out with scouting trips over the last month.  I've also received a few corrections from some of the participants, which is very much appreciated.

While it looks like the weather will trending better into the weekend for the 600k participants, the weather forecast for the 400k is calling for a continuation of the torrential rain and thunderstorms that we've had all week.  400k participants are advised that they should be extremely confident of their foul-weather gear, as well as their ability to navigate in the dark under poor conditions.  Although safety in numbers is the rule for night riding, the limited number of 400k participants will limit the opportunities to find a suitable riding partner through the night.

400k notes:
-Sign-in for the 400k will be between 5PM and 6PM in the lobby.
-There is bridge construction at mile 9.3 that should be passable by pedestrians (dismount and walk around the barrier).
-If there are no volunteers at the finish controle, the front desk receptionist will sign your card.

600k notes:
-In addition to the 3AM sign-in time, there will be sign-in and bike inspection on Friday in the lobby from ~5-6PM and from ~7-9PM.
-At the overnight controle, there will be a message board in the lobby directing you to the volunteer room for signing in.
-For an overnight sleep break, I recommend reserving a room in one of the many hotels near the Hampton Inn.  Alternatively, there will be 4 or 5 volunteer rooms available for you to take a quick shower and short nap.  These rooms have a single king size bed and a convertible couch/bed.  There may be up to 3 people per room, if there are arrivals all at once.
-If you would like to share a room with another participant, please leave a comment at this link to hook up with somebody:
-If you need a wake-up call, the hotel can provide this service.
-You may leave your drop bag either in your car, or in the volunteer room.
-There will be food available at the start, overnight, and finish controles.  At the start/finish controle, there is also an Italian restaurant/pizzeria across the street and two 24-hr mini-marts next door (one is a mega-WaWa with deli, etc.).
-The first controle on day 2 after the sleep stop is a postcard controle.  Since postcard controles are untimed, you have until controle #10 (58 miles after the sleep controle) to make up any time, in case you get a late start after resting.  This relaxed timing will  perhaps allow you to get an extra hour of sleep.
-There is bridge construction at mile 362.8 that should be passable by pedestrians (dismount and walk around the barrier).
-The Hampton Inn is full this weekend, and if the hotel parking lot is full, there is plenty of parking in the parking lot next door at a restaurant's lot (the restaurant is currently out-of-business).

**** Update #1 (5/11) ****
Join Crista and Chuck, and your's truly for dinner at McCoole's at 6PM on Friday night (5/13).  Drop me a note if you plan to swing by, and we'll add you to our reservations.

**** Original Post ****
Event details and registration for the upcoming Brevet Week events have been posted on the PA Randonneurs website:

The 200k and 300k will start/finish at the Weisel hostel (overnight accommodations are available for $25/night). The other events (400k, 600k, and 1000k), will start/finish at the Quakertown Hampton Inn.  Make your own hotel reservations at the Hampton Inn, or one of the several other nearby hotels.

The 200k on Saturday, May 14 features the classic edition of the PA200k with a few route tweaks at the end to make it a bit kinder and gentler, and to bypass the Milford bridge which is under construction and closed.  As noted on the cue-sheet, there is also bridge construction at mile 111, however, this one is passable by cyclists/pedestrians.

The 300k on Sunday, May 15 will be almost exactly the same as the Water Gap 300 run earlier this year.

The 400k on Thursday, May 19, will feature a 6PM evening start -- this will be a good preparation for those headed to PBP and planning on the 90-hr start.  The course will be based on the recent Blue Mountain 400k but in reverse, heading into the Lancaster area first.  After passing through the Swatara Gap, the route will follow the main valley roads instead of the ridges -- the terrain will be a bit gentler and the navigation easier, as you pedal through the early morning hours.

The 600k on Saturday, May 21 is based on the recent editions run in 2009 and 2010.  There is a ~400k loop on the first day that returns you to the start/finish hotel for the overnight controle.  There will be 3 volunteer rooms available for showers and a short nap. If you would like a private hotel room, you can make your own hotel reservations at one of the many hotels along the Rt 663 corridor in Quakertown.  Day 2 features an out-and-back 200k segment into the Lancaster area.

The 1000k on Friday, May 20 is based on the edition run in 2010.  A bag drop service will be provided at 2 overnight hotel controles.  There will be a single volunteer room available for showers/napping.  You can make your own hotel reservations if you want a private room.


  1. Foolish me! Made the hotel reservation in the WRONG town for 600k. :( Need to drive 30 min (at least) to Quakertown. :(
    - Yiping

  2. Tom, thanks again for a fantastic, fun ride and thanks to all the riders who helped made it enjoyable! What a great way start to the week. Good luck to the riders doing the longer riders later in the week.

    My write-up from the 200k, for those interested:



  3. Tom, another great ride. Your rides are always painfully pleasurable!


  4. I am interested in sharing a room on Friday night at the Hampton. keller.ee at gmail