Friday, February 18, 2011

Beyond Hope to New Hope Permanent - We have a Taker

Ixsa Golliur writes "...Hope all went well with the ride yesterday. Bill (Reagan) and I were a bit sad we were not able to participate. I was wondering if this ride is available as a permanent or a post-ride(if there is such a thing)?

Tom Rosenbauer responds " -- No, unfortunately there is no such thing as a "post-ride make-up", but if anyone is interested in adopting the revised "Beyond Hope to New Hope" course as a permanent, it's up for grabs.

The Randonnerd replies "After doing all the upfront work to lay out this new route and get it approved as a PA Brevet, Tom has graciously allowed me to adopt this route as a Permanent. I've spent the last couple of days putting it into a Permanent format for submission and will be looking to delete the Milford controle but add two controles in Riegelsville to keep folks from short-circuiting the course along the Delaware. YES!!! All you who thought to take that climb you couldn't imagine Tom neglected to include in the routing would have actually shaved a coule of miles off of the course. (Q: What is the exchange rate for climbing vs. mileage?)

In lieu of the Riegelsville controles I had considered changing the route slightly but in the end decided to keep the course pretty much as is, as some may want to use it as a tool to measure their fitness throughout the year.

Hopefully I'll get these new controles set tommorow and submit the Permanent Application over the weekend. Since this route is already approved as a brevet, I anticipate a fairly quick approval turnaround from Christa. Thanks again Tom for doing all of the upfront work.


  1. Woohoo, another winter permanent. I'm working on one out here as well, but it's more difficult to design one of these than it would appear. Yesterday I discovered a minor problem with some of the more major roads around here (including a few on my preliminary route); many become small streams when the snow begins to melt. Of course it did reach 70F yesterday and there was a significant snowpack. I rode through several places of 3-4 inch deep water flowing along and across the road. Could make for some nasty re-freeze in colder conditions.

  2. Hey, glad to hear this will be a 200K Permanent. It will be a great make-up course for me because it's much closer to home.