Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beyond Hope to New Hope Feb 5 R-12: Update #2

The cuesheet has been updated (draft 5 dated 2/8/11), with a minor route tweak to the first controle stop in Johnsonburg.  The cell phone numbers for volunteers Don Jagel and Bill Olsen were also added.  Don will be out sweeping the course towards the end, and Bill will be at the finish controle.

Don Jagel completed a volunteer preride this past Sunday (and did manage to finish in time for the Super Bowl). Don reports that the course was in reasonably good shape, considering all the snow and limited number of days above freezing over the past month.  Based on his scouting report, a minor route tweak was made to avoid a shaded secondary road on the approach to controle #2.  Along with the usual cautions of winter riding, Don pointed out the following areas that you should take some extra caution:
- The Rt 80 underpass (which you will cross twice) may be icy (a note has been added to the cuesheet to remind you of this hazard)
- A couple areas of the course are a bit narrow and have potholes (e.g. Rt 32) -- this will be especially hazardous if you're traveling in large, fast paceline.

It looks like the weather at least will be dry, and trending warmer as we head into the weekend.  However, there  is still plenty of snow on the ground which will be melting during the day and freezing overnight, so be on the watch for any black ice.  The forecast is also calling for some breezy conditions.

There is plenty of parking at the Belvidere diner start/finish.  But please keep to the area to the left as you pull into the parking lot (away from the spots near the building). 

*** Ride Roster (as of 2/9) ****
-Barb Anderson
-Ron Anderson
-Shane Beake
-John Capriotti
-Rick Carpenter
-Bob Dye
-Bill Fischer
-Joel Flood
-John Fuoco
-Nigel Greene
-Doug Haluza
-Guy Harris
-Don Jagel (volunteer preride)
-Rick Lentz
-Jonathan Levitt
-George Metzler
-Bill Olsen (organizer)

Please drop me a note if you decide to join us on the 12th.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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