Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November R-12: Stillwater 200k

*** Update #3 (11/2) ***
A GPS file is available from Ed Felker (Thanks Ed!) ... if you would like a copy, send me a note, and I'll put you in touch with him.  Of course, the usual disclaimer applies, that the GPS route is a supplemental aid to navigation, and that the posted cuesheet is the official route.

*** Update #2 (10/31) ***
The Crista Format of the cuesheet was revised on 10/31 to correct for a formatting error (the right hand column on page 2 did not print correctly).

*** Update #1 (10/30) ***
The cuesheet and map/profile have been updated on 10/30 (draft 5) with several route tweaks for quieter side roads, and controle changes in Milford and Lafayette -- both of which are worthy of "Crista Approval".  The Millside Cafe in Lafayette has plenty of seating inside and some tables outside as well.  But if get your meal "to go", there is a very nice park right behind the cafe.  If you follow the stream about 50 yards, there's a gazebo with tables which would also be a really nice area to dine.

In consideration of the DC-area folks clipping in with us, an alternate "Crista Format" cuesheet has been posted, along with the original "PA Format" cuesheet.  The Crista format has the advantage of being more compact and easier to fold.

Some course notes:
- As noted on the cuesheet, bikes must be walked across the Delaware River bridge into Belvidere.
- If you need to replenish your supplies before controle #2 (40 mile segment), there are good options in Belvidere and Stewartsville.
- The entrance to the Milford Bakery is on the right, around back.
- There are convenience stores in Milford, if you don't find what you need at the bakery.
- Mile 119.8: Last time, several riders missed this turn and logged some bonus miles. A different "spotting cue" is in the current cuesheet -- we'll see if this one helps or not. Note that the new cue has the abbreviation "LMR" which stands for "Leaving Main Road".  In this particular case, the main road (with double yellow lines) will bend left up a hill.  You need to take slight bear right (almost straight) which takes you off the main road down a smaller side road with no lines (and no hill!).  There is also a hard right here, but currently, there is some road construction and that road is closed.  So another thing to look for is the road construction.  The cuesheet has another spotting cue: "Low Culvert" which is a sign posted at the turn in question.
- There are couple of left turns on roads with fast traffic at miles: 87.1 (Rt 206), 94.4 (Rt 94), 97.4 (Rt 206).  In general, the course has very quiet roads, but please take extra caution on these few, short busy stretches.

The list of riders has been updated -- if you're planning to join in, just drop me a note. Be sure to monitor the message board for any other updates.  And most importantly, be sure to have a Safe Ride!

*** Original Post ***
The November R-12 is next week on Saturday, the 6th.  The website has been recently updated to reflect the route change: we'll be running the Stillwater 200k (instead of the previously announced PA 204k).  We ran the inaugural edition this past February.  I'll be posting an updated cuesheet with some route tweaks -- mainly to use some quieter side roads instead of the main roads we used for the winter conditions we had last February.  And with the reopening of the Milford Bakery, we'll be making a controle stop there.  The Milford Bakery has relocated down the street at the old RR station, right next to the Delaware River bridge.  The baked goods and coffee are still great and the facilities have been greatly improved -- definitely worthy of 'Crista Approval'!

The start/finish is at the Portland diner, where you can top-off with a good breakfast and finish with a post-ride gathering.  Please note that the parking is at the Park N' Ride lot, 0.3 miles from the start:

Lights and reflective gear will be checked.

I've already heard from a number of riders planning to clip-in, including a good contingent from the DC area.  If you're planning to join us too, drop me a note.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

*** Rider List (as of 11/5) ***
Barbara Anderson
Ron Anderson
Rick Carpenter
Dawn Engstrom
Ed Felker (DC Randonneurs)
Bill Fischer
Mary Gersema (DC Randonneurs)
Lane Giardina (DC Randonneurs)
Ixsa Gollihur
Guy Harris
Don Jagel
Houston Joost
Mark Kaufman
Eric Keller
Jonathan Levitt
Bill Olsen
Ed Pavelka
Walter Pettigrew
Peter Phillips
Bill Reagan
Tom Rosenbauer (Organizer)
Paul Shapiro
Keith Spangler
Bill Slabonik
Len Zawodniak

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