Sunday, October 17, 2010

College Hill 150/200k

*** Update #2 10/21/10 ***
Due to the scheduled closure of the Riegelsville Bridge during the weekend, the cuesheets have been updated (Draft 6 for the 200k and  Draft 5 for the 150k, both are dated 10/21/10 in the revision block at the top of the 1st page).  Instead of crossing the Delaware River at Riegelsville, you'll follow the old route through Saucon Valley -- veteran riders of past editions will recall the very stiff climb up Buttermilk Road near the end.

While a mostly sunny day is in the forecast, the early morning temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's F.  With the chilly start, the registration sign-in will be moving from my front porch to inside my house (the front door will be open, so just walk in).  Also, breakfast items will be in my kitchen, and you can eat in my dining room area.  Please remember to to remove your cleats before you go inside -- thanks.

*** Update #1 10/17/10 ***
The list of registered riders has been updated on the website.  There are many first-time participants, and I'll be counting on the regular Eastern PA riders to extend a warm welcome to the newcomers and perhaps share a few miles with them at the start.  The cuesheets have also been updated, mainly just to update the date and closing times: the 200k will be the same route as we ran last June, and the 150k is the same as last year's route.  The routes diverge after the first couple of miles and then rejoin in Belvidere.

Sundown is just after 6PM, which gives you about 10.5 hours of sunlight.  Lights and reflective gear will be required and will be checked at the bike inspection.

Parking is available on the street, near my house. Hot oatmeal and other breakfast items will be available on my front porch, around 6:30 AM.  The sign-in and bike inspection will be on my front porch as well.  At 7:25 AM, there will be a brief rider meeting.  There is a bathroom inside off the hallway to the right, near the stairs -- please remove your cleats before going inside (you'll probably slip on my hardwood floors if you don't).

I scouted the first half of the course this past weekend.  The course is generally in good shape, with some new pavement on River Road between Portland and Belvidere.  The recent storm did leave quite a bit of debris on the road, in the form of branches and some gravel.  In particular, the descent after the Fox Gap climb toward Portland has quite a bit of gravel in one section -- this is a twisty descent, so be especially careful.

There will be a post-ride BBQ, where we can reflect upon the completion of the ACP brevet season, and look forward to the many challenging events in 2011.  I know many riders are looking forward to PBP, and there will be plenty of Eastern PA events offered to get you ready!

*** Original Post ***
The College Hill 200/150K on October 23 starts and finishes from my house on College Hill in Easton.  To mark the end of the official "ACP brevet season", there will be post-ride BBQ, where we can get together to reflect upon the past season of events, and look forward to all the challenges offered in 2011.
Club members may register by e-mail, and pay the discounted rate of $25 when you sign-in.

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