Monday, May 24, 2010

PA600k Ride Report

Preliminary results for the PA600k have been posted at:
... please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted to RUSA in a couple of days, and then will become final pending RUSA/ACP validation.

17 of 18 registered riders made it to the start, and all starters made it to the finish within the time limit for a 100% completion rate ... outstanding result!  A 100% finish rate on a 600k is not very common, and it is first for the Eastern PA series, going back to 2007.  Remarkably, 4 riders: Shane Beake, Jonathan Clamp, Chris Nadovich, and Roy Yates all recorded their very first 600k finish.  And furthermore, Chris and Roy managed this feat without a 400k result under their belt.  Adding to the strings of "firsts", Cecilie Adams and Patrick Gaffney are not only the first tandem team to complete the PA600k, but the first tandem team to complete the entire Eastern PA Super Randonneur series.  8 other riders also completed their Eastern PA Super Randonneur series for a total of 10 riders joining the honor roll:
-Daniel Aaron
-Cecilie Adams
-Dan Barbasch
-Jonathan Clamp
-Ed Dodd
-Patrick Gaffney
-Judson Hand
-Don Jagel
-Eric Keller
-Bill Olsen
... and honorable mention to the following riders:
-Shane Beake (200k, 400k, 600k)
-Rick Carpenter (200k, 300k, 600k)
-Guy Harris (200k, 400k, 600k)
-Chris Nadovich (200k, 300k, 600k)

An east wind kept skies mostly overcast for the entire event.  Some hit or miss rain showers rolled through, mainly on Sunday.  Most of the riders stayed dry on Saturday and the faster riders seemed to stay ahead of the rain on Sunday. But some of the later finishers certainly got a pretty good drenching at various points.  But putting aside the rain showers and adverse wind along Rt 97 to Hawks Nest and return leg from Leola, the weather conditions certainly were more favorable than the hot conditions we had for the PA400k.  Don Jagel was the first finisher, coming in at 28:02 and setting a new course record.

Special thanks to volunteer Rick Carpenter for his pre-ride checkout and making changes for the detours and adding several improvements to the cuesheet.  And special thanks to Len Zawodniak who, along with Rick, ran the overnight controle at the hostel -- a top-notch volunteer crew for sure!  And thanks to Jud Hand for leading the way with the sign-in sheets.

Shane Beake has posted some great pictures at:

Bill Olsen writes: "...Thanks again for a GREAT brevet series.  I really enjoyed the return section from New Holland on the 400K and the out and back Sunday on the 600k - even with the extension to avoid 23. :-)...Thanks again, (and again, and again) for expanding the randonneuring opportunities for all of us in PA, NJ, and all of NY, not just the metro-NYC area - and surrounding areas - MA, VA."

Ed Dodd writes: "....Once again, thanks for all of your continued efforts in putting on these Brevets. I find them very challenging and I get to see sights I would otherwise never see..."

Patrick Gaffney and Cecilie Adams write: "...Cecily and I just wanted to say thanks again for putting on a great series.  The rides were indeed challenging, but the payoffs were great; the scenery and the sense of accomplishment when you finish each ride is amazing.  Your efforts cannot go unmentioned either.  Each ride was so well organized and went so smoothly.  Thanks again for everything that you do and have done for the Eastern, PA Brevet Series...."

Jud Hand's ride report is at:

If you have any other comments or photos to share, you can post them on the message board or forward them to me.

Next up is a 200k in two weeks for the June R-12 series, which will start from my house on College Hill. 

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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