Friday, March 5, 2010

Eastern PA Fleche

The Eastern PA region is offering a Fleche on April 22-25. Event details are posted here.

Check out last year's ride report (with maps of the different team routes).

Route submissions are due by April 9 ... so now would be a good time to get your plans together!

The following riders are looking for a team:
- Daniel Aaron


  1. would be interested in joining a team in need of another rider for the fleche. A team starting during the "preferred start time" would be my preference.
    Geoff Brunner

  2. Lawrence (Larry) Midura, RUSA #693, is looking to join a PA Fleche Team for the upcoming April 13-15 event. Can any Team Captain contact Larry via email, or home telephone 315-627-0064 anytime to provide team/route/start details if there an available Team opening. Thanks for a reply.