Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wet Weather Cycling Gloves

Road Bike Rider recently evaluated two winter cycling gloves, Craft's Siberian Winter Gloves and Pearl Izumi's PRO Barrier Winter Gloves. The Pearl's included a "bold claim" of waterproofness. Following the review, RBR reader Christine N. (hmm, could this be someone we know?) commented that the Pearl's were anything but waterproof having made the discovery on a cold, soggy 200k (sound familiar?). Apparently, the weight of the gloves tripled due to moisture collection. This weeks RBR (1/21/2010) highlights this shortcoming and provides some of the dialog between the RBR reader and the PI product manager.

RBR has invited their readers to comment on winter cycling gloves, especially those that perform well in wet conditions. I figure this group has MUCH to say on the subject.

Important to note is a strong endorsement for the Aerostitch Triple Digit Rain Covers for use as a waterproof glove shell. I think a pair of these will soon find their way into my gear bag.

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  1. I can attest that the Pearl Izumi Barrier gloves got me through the extreme conditions of the PA Dutch 200k:

    However, I did have a hand warmer inside each glove, which helped a lot. Also, I bought them a bit bigger than I needed, which allowed me to move my fingers around to help with circulation. And although they worked very well, I still had to stop a couple of times to get my hands warmed up.

    -Tom Rosenbauer
    Eastern PA RBA