Tuesday, May 28, 2024

No Jim Thorpe 600K Course Notes *** Updated

Update 1 ***

There have been several small tweaks in the course, including a change of control location in Easton. 

The latest route cuesheet is Version 6 and the GPS route was last updated on 2024-06-4 15:35:20 EDT. 

Many GPS units cannot handle turn-by-turn data for a full 600K in Pennsylvania. There are simply too many turns. The official route data is as given by the cues linked above on the route info website, but for convenience the RWGPS data is also available split into Day-One and Day-Two that may work better in some units. We strongly recommend that you verify operation of your GPS unit with our data before riding, and that you carry a paper cuesheet as a backup nav system. Also be sure you have the latest data as there may still be route changes after the pre-ride. 

Original Post ***

The Jim Thorpe 600K starts at 4AM Saturday 8 June 2024. Information about the event, and a link for online registration, appears on the event website. Make sure you have read and understood all of it. If you have any questions, contact the organizer.

As we feared, the D&L remains impassable below Jim Thorpe. The 600K has been rerouted. Consequently, the visit to the town of Jim Thorpe had to been cut from the route. 

Not as sadly the Maury Rd climb is also eliminated, although a climb of Lower Saucon and a few other sharp little bastards are now added. The changed route also includes a rough section of relatively unused D&L situated north of the river. This brief section of trail is very rough and may not be suitable for super-skinny, high pressure tires. If you are unsure, please walk rough sections.
Pat Gaffney completed a pre-ride of the new route during Memorial Day Weekend to verify the new routing.

The start location for this brevet has been moved into the Chamounix Mansion Building. We are now in the Mansion on the right, partway around the loop at the end of Chamounix Drive. We are not the Carriage House on the left. Parking has also moved. It is unsafe to park at Chamounix for long periods. If you can't ride your bike to the event and must take a car, please do not park at Chamounix. If you are unfamiliar with the area, the start/finish volunteer will direct you when you check in. Please allow sufficient time to park your car.

In our opinion, the safest place to park is the the Hilton/Homewood lot just off of city avenue. Here is a Google map link.  Price is $13/day. As far as we know, this fenced-in lot is secure and it's a very short, easy bike ride from this parking area to Chamounix.  There are free on-street parking alternatives a short distance away, including along W Ford Rd, that may be reasonably secure because of the residences and businesses nearby.


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