Monday, April 22, 2024

Water and Wind 300K Ride Report

The morning started cold and drizzly, but developed into a beautiful, mild day for bike riding.  Of the 35 who clipped in for the brevet, 33 finished in good time (94%).  A very good turnout for a non-PBP year. Congratulations and well done to all. Preliminary results have been posted on the website.  Please review the results and let us know if something is not quite right.  The results will be submitted to RUSA after review and will become official once certified.  

I was very happy to see new riders conquer a 300K. In fact, fourteen riders finished their first 300K. Congratulations and welcome to randonneuring. This group of newly minted 300K riders included Marcus Bonner and Samuel Weitekamp who skipped over a "mere" 200K and took on a 300K a their first brevet ever! 

A round of applause for start control volunteer Ron Anderson who organized the start with the assistance of Brad Layman. The finish was organized by Chris Nadovich with assistance from Bryce Lackey. Sunday morning cleanup was accomplished by Brad along with Iwan Barankay and a crew of other helpers wrangled by Nicole Aptekar.

Additional  thanks go to Nicole for pied-pipering into Pennsylvania so many new riders, particularly from Brooklyn. This is a wonderful contribution to our club, and to randonneuring, that will grow into something really special in the next few years, I believe. 

Ben Keenan writes...

Thanks Ron, Brad, Chris and everyone for a wonderful day of riding. I had a great time! The late April conditions made the course especially beautiful, though my legs are still aching courtesy of the hills after Easton. Congratulations to everyone on completing a challenging day with aplomb and hope see you at the 400.

Join us again in May at Chamounix Carriage House for the next event in our Super Randonneur series, the Four State 400K. This event heads south through Maryland and Delaware before returning to PA and NJ. Four states. More than four hills. 

Never rode a 400K? Why not? They really aren't that much different than a 200K. It's just a 200K plus another 200K. You have successfully ridden a 200K, right? So ride one. Then take a break. Have a nice sit down meal. Then go ride another 200K. I mean, how much recovery do you really need?  You'll do fine! 

OK, if you really don't want to ride a 400K (??!!) we are also offering the TK 200K brevet in parallel with the 400K. 

Information and online registration can be found online:  400K and 200K.

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