Saturday, October 1, 2022

Brandywine 200K Pre-Ride Course Notes *** Price reduced

Update  2 ***

Its deja vu from the 1000k.  I've learned that construction on the Embreeville bridge used on both the 150 & 200k routes is set to begin this week.  While the bridge has been closed for a while and passible by bike through the barriers as Chris noted, an expedited construction schedule was announced which will likely result in significant construction activity this week.  Not wanting to repeat missing bridge syndrome from the 1000k, the routes have been updated to bypass the bridge.  It's an easy detour, but also easy to miss if you're not paying attention.   The detour departs the route roughly a mile before you'd encounter the problematic bridge.  It's not a huge backtrack if you reach an impassible bridge, but not a great way to start a brevet, either.  

Riders please make sure  you  have the latest versions of the  cue sheet.  The latest 200k Cue  Sheet is Version 4.  The latest 150k Cue  Sheet is Version 4.  Both are last updated 10/8/2022. 

Update 1 ***

The price of both the 200K and the 150K have been reduced to $35. Anybody who paid the original incorrect price has been refunded. 

Original Post ***

A Pre-ride of the Fall Classic Brandywine 200K route was conducted on 30 September by Chris Nadovich. Based on my notes and comments the route has been updated. The latest Cue Sheet is Version 2 and the RWGPS was last modified 2022-10-1 13:15:15 EDT.  Make sure you have the latest route data as there have been some important changes.  Download the latest route info here.

I very much enjoyed my pre-ride of the Fall Classic Brandywine 200K. Indeed, there is much to like about this course. Highlights include meandering along Brandywine Creek, lots of foliage, visiting THREE states, riding along numerous roads incorporating the word "Hollow," and an almost unheard of in Lancaster County 3 mile descent. (Actually 2.7 miles)

Oh yeah, and how back-loaded the climbing is. The first half is just this pleasant and flat twiddle along pretty creeks. Then WHAM! So don't slow down too much to admire the pretty scenery in the first half. You'll have many opportunities to go slow in the second half.  

There are several steel deck bridges and bad-angle RR track crossings noted in the cues. Be alert for them. Some of the descents are fast -- please don't go faster than your guardian angel. I saw gravel on a few curves, and wildlife darting across the road. Be careful out there. 

The Embreeville Bridge and road approach is closed, but I found it easy to pass through the barriers.

Maybe the least interesting part of the course in the Enola Low Grade Trail. This is flat and straight, and then it becomes flat and straight, till it's flat and straight, and then -- yeah, flat and straight.  To avoid thoughts of self harm, I played little workout games along its length, trying different gear combinations and different cadences to figure out what gave me the lowest heart rate for a given speed. Maybe you too can invent some innovative way to avoid boredom on the Enola LGT.



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