Sunday, August 7, 2022

POO 200k Ride Report

I was recently made aware of the unfortunate (although appropriate) acronym for the Portland Opulent Outhouse ride. We’ll have to change the name in the future…….

8 riders completed this challenging ride for a 100% completion rate.  All riders reported favorably on this new course and concur that it is one of the more challenging routes on the PA docket.  Humidity was high from the beginning and temperatures got quite uncomfortable in the early afternoon but the PA riders were able to overcome these obstacles.

Kerry Moody, in his first ride on a PA Randonneurs course was the first finisher and will hold the course record for the foreseeable future.   Between the high humidity and relentless climbing of this course, I didn’t expect to see a sub 9 hour finish but Kerry Moody snuck in for a 8:59 finish followed closely by Ben Keenan.

It was a wonderful group of tough riders yesterday and it was a blast riding with the group at the start and seeing everyone at the finish.  I hope to see everyone at next month’s Rusty Rail 200k!

Results will be posted on the PA Rando website shortly, please review and report any discrepancies.

From Dale Houke:

Bill, just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks again for organizing Saturday's brevet.  What a great day of riding - the route was tough but had such a nice flow to it that I hardly noticed all the climbing, and we couldn't have asked for more cooperative late summer weather!

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