Saturday, March 12, 2022

Pennsylvania Randonneurs Announces Flèche 2022

*****   Team Deadlines Reminder *****
Today (March 12) is the deadline for Captains to register and form teams for the 2022 Flèche.  The deadline for route submission is next weekend, March 19.   This is  just a reminder that captains must submit a separate list of planned controls in addition to the planned route before RBA  review of the route can begin.  Your Team Roster page indicates the route is "under RBA review"by virtue of your linking a planned route in the  team sign-up.  The actual RBA review of the route does not begin until the captain submits  the planned route AND the list of planned controls  for review.  

As of this writing, one route is approved and a second  has been submitted for review.  I'm still looking for routes & a list of controls from five teams. 

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

*****   Original Announcement ***** 

After a two-year hiatus, the Flèche returns to the Pennsylvania Randonneurs schedule for 2022.  Original plans were to try again for a finish at the Trexlertown Velodrome for some hot laps, but we were notified earlier this spring that the track is being resurfaced and will not be available to us in April.  Fortunately our friends at Keystone Bicycle Co., fresh of their successful hosting of the November 2021 R-12 brevet, have agreed to serve as our fleche destination for 2022 and will host an outdoor brunch on Sunday, April 9 between 8 and 11. As always, Flèche teams may start any time after noon on Thursday, April 7, but in so doing risks missing on the festivities.  Teams should ideally start between 8 and 10 on Saturday so their arrival time aligns with the brunch.

Additional details are on the event website.  Key dates to keep in mind:

March 12:  Team Captain registration deadline

March 19:  Route Submission deadline

April 3:  Team member registration deadline

With a new destination, every route will be new.  I'm asking all Team Captains to start work early on their routes to avoid a last-minute crush of route reviews.

Registration details have been posted on the Pennsylvania Randonneurs website.  Start planning your routes and get your teams together now.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA/Organizer

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