Sunday, September 5, 2021

Rusty Rail 204 -- Course Notes


Two riders pre-rode "The Rail" on Saturday under ideal weather conditions.  The course was in great shape in spite of hurricane Ida.  The route is entirely paved, but beware of gravel washes on the road from recent rainfall and flooding.

All intermediate controles are information controles (no receipt or initials required, just answer the question) and do not require entry into buildings.  The only timed controles are the start and the finish.  

The Milroy controle at mile 41 (pictured above) features a Rutters/Arbys.  It has good bathrooms, gallon jugs of water, and the usual rando fare.  There is also a Subway located across the street for those who prefer to eat fresh.

Doan's Bones BBQ can be busy when you arrive, so if you have enough gas in the tank to summit Tussy Mountain, you can resupply at a convenience store in Pine Grove Mills (mile 72), located at the bottom of the screaming descent.

Due to the pandemic, the Rusty Rail is only open from 11 am to 8 pm.  So...if you want to kick back and enjoy some local brew after your ride try to finish within a twelve hour timeframe if at all possible.

The Rusty Rail 204 is one of the most beautiful courses you will ever ride and, as an added bonus, features a front yard soda machine (75 cents) at mile 105.

Be sure to use version 5 of the Cue Sheet and use the most up-to-date RWGPS course updated on 9/5/2021.

-Steve Schoenfelder

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