Tuesday, July 27, 2021

August R12: Classic Hawk's Nest

photo by G. Keenan

Now that summer's heat has arrived Pocono venues continue to offer the best reprieve.  On August 7 we return to Hawk's Nest for our August R-12 brevet with the Classic Hawk's Nest.  This is the original route that follows the Broadhead Creek up onto the Allegheny Front through Canadensis and Promised Land State Park on its way to the headwaters of the Lackawaxen River.  The starting and finishing locations remain the same as in July.  

On July 25, organizer Bill Fischer and Gavin Biebuyck completed a pre-ride of the Hawks Nest Classic Route.  They found all roads in serviceable condition and all control locations open (a welcome relief given the hit-or-miss performance of the Promised Land Exxon over the past three months).

A few course notes:

1.       One lane of Creek Rd/SR 447 is closed in Canadensis.  Please obey the temporary traffic light, the road is too narrow for a cyclist and oncoming car to safely inhabit the lane.

2.       If you didn’t have enough breakfast, at mile 19.2 (shortly after turning onto SR390 on L) First Place Café and Catering has excellent breakfast fare and convenience store items.

3.       At Eldred, the typical control location is not being used and instead there is an info control at the Hero’s Park in front of the Town Hall.  Pay careful attention to the question and ensure you select an answer based on the correct war.  Peck’s Market is open in Eldred, but if you’d like to stop earlier, the Barryville Market at Mile 61.3 (on R) has excellent baked goods and will (fairly rapidly) make you a hot breakfast sandwich.

4.       Speedier riders may arrive at the Riverside Creamery in Port Jervis before their 12:00 opening time.  Woogie’s Deli is 1 block off route at the corner of King St. & US 209/6 – they will gladly initial your card.

5.        Please note that the ride finishes at the Village Farmer and not at the Park-n-ride.

Event registration is open on the website through Wednesday, August 4 so don't delay.  

Andrew Mead
-Eastern PA RBA

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