Saturday, December 26, 2020

The NEW Hope to New Hope 200K

Ever hopeful for a better new year, we are indeed running a New Hope 2 New Hope 200K brevet on 2 January 2021 starting from a new location: The Pohatcong Shopping Plaza in Phillipsburg, NJ. Start time is at 7AM. All the information, and an online registration link, are on the event web page.  You will find a link to the RWGPS data for the route (last modified 2020-12-27 09:55:30 EST) and links to cue sheets (version 6 is the latest).

Park away from active stores down by the Movie Theater. There are numerous drive-in joints, gas stations, and even a Wawa in this plaza if you need anything, but the idea is that you will show up self-sufficient and have some personal supplies stashed in your car. The course is a figure 8 and you will return to your car at Pohatcong after each loop.

Many services can be found near the Start/Finish

The turnaround control for the Northern loop is the Dunkin Donuts at the I-80 interchange just beyond Hope, but riders seeking a quick cup of coffee at a lower traffic location might better choose the US Gas convenience store passed twice just a mile South of the turnaround, as the DD can sometimes be very crowded. 

The Southern loop passes twice through all the Delaware River towns providing many options for service. If seeing the water flowing in the river, and all that coffee you drank, is making you seek a rest room, consider stopping at Bull Island Rec Area (mi 78.7 and 94.2). There are rest rooms located on the right side of the main office building. In the winter, these rest rooms are relatively low traffic.

All riders must be a paid-up member of RUSA at the time of the event, so be sure to renew your RUSA membership for 2021 before you register. If your membership expires in 2020 the system will refuse you. You can join or renew RUSA membership here. PA Rando membership is not required for riding this event, but to promote PA membership this new-year event is traditionally FREE for PA Rando Members. If you were a PA member in 2020, you were automatically renewed for 2021 and this event will be automatically free for you.

Under pandemic rules, all intermediate controls are info controls. It is not required to enter any business to complete this 200K, although there are several stores available along the route if you choose this option. Masks are generally required at the start/finish and to enter businesses if you choose to do this.

The start and finish extend during night hours. The organizer will strictly enforce the rules regarding lighting and reflective gear.

There was a pre-ride of this event on 23 December. On that day, the roads in question seemed in great shape. Famous last words. Always be aware of the possibility of black-ice when the temperatures are near or below freezing. It's also common to find debris on winter roads, so be on the lookout for rocks, unexpected potholes, and ice clumps. 

You will pass by your car after each loop.

The figure 8 shape of the course has a common exit on Greenwich St from the Pohatcong Shopping Center start/mid-control. Soon after the start, when you reach the flashing light in Stewartsville you will turn LEFT for the first (northern) loop. Then when you ride out Greenwich St the second time to the flashing light in Stewartsville, you will turn RIGHT for the final (southern) loop. This repeated segment is sure to confuse your GPS device, so please use your human brain and Cue Sheet Posititioning System to navigate out of the start of both loops and make sure you do the North loop first. If you want to ride the loops in reverse order, come back for the event next month when we'll do South loop first.

Bonne route!

Chris Nadovich

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  1. Chris, thanks again for another successful PA Rando event. Can't complain about the weather for an early January ride. No precip but overnight rain left the roads wet resulting in about 800 flat tires. Good practice for all of us. This time I went around the telephone poles instead of trying to go through. See ya next moth.