Tuesday, November 17, 2020

December R12 Brevet: Little Britain Redeux

*** Dec. 2 Update ***

Though I'm not usually one to put much faith into weather forecasts, forecast conditions for Saturday continue to deteriorate.  The NWS as of Wednesday afternoon calls for lots of rain (3/4 - 1-inch) and temperatures in the low to mid-40s.  The weather combined with the Little Britain route itself will make for a challenging day in the saddle.  Please be sure your bike is in tip-top shape and your rain gear will keep you as comfy as you need to be to ride.  

*** Original Post ***

Initial plans to introduce newer riders to one of the original Lancaster County brevet routes were scrapped when the new infection rate for COVID-19 took a sharp turn upward following Halloween and Election Day.  The Loop Around Lancaster route was always a crowd favorite, but its large loop architecture is not conducive to fully self-supported events.  Instead the December brevet will use the Little Britain route with its Figure-8 layout that allows riders to visit their vehicles at the midway point.  Instead of the usual northern loop first running, we will ride the southern loop first.  This should provide an opportunity for riders to see the views they were missing in that final stretch from lower Conowingo Rd, often ridden after sunset.  

You will return to the shopping center where the start-finish control and your vehicle is located around mile 71.  You can replenish supplies from a stash in your vehicle or you can take advantage of the food options at the center.  That's up to you.  The control itself will be an information control which does not require entry into any establishment to answer.  The northern control is at a Turkey Hill C-store.  It is an info control, but you can replenish supplies if needed.  Its a short jaunt back to the finish without major climbs (I didn't say flat).

As of mid-November I am still planning to use a group start procedure. This could change based on changes in recommended pandemic protocols or if the field grows appreciably over 10 riders.  I will make an announcement before the event if the free start protocol will be used.  If free start is used, I do NOT anticipate starting anyone prior to 7:00 am.  If you want to refresh yourself on the free start protocol, see Chris' Free Bridge post.  The only change is that there is no bridge separating parking from my start location.  I'll be operating from the back of my van as usual.  Walk up when you're ready to roll, drop off your signed waiver, receive your card and smile for the camera.  There will also be a container of energy bars and bottled water should you wish to grab something for later. 

You can review a summary of our pandemic protocols in the Riding in a Pandemic blog post.  

In addition to the logistical protocol recommendations for brevets, please respect the CDC recommendations for quarantine and isolation in this pandemic.  If you are experiencing symptoms (people I know who've been infected all comment about losing sense of smell and taste), if you have been in close contact with someone who is infected (you'll likely know this though a contact tracing phone call), or if you are confirmed infected and it has been less than 10 days from the onset of symptoms (or whatever the specific isolation guidance you were provided requires), please stay home, relax, and plan for the next brevet.  Your randonneuring friends and I will thank you.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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