Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fleche Logistics and Notes ** Updated **

Some notes regarding the fleche...

*** Update 1 ***

We will have a limited supply of soap and some towels available, but if you plan on using the shower at the velodrome, it's best that you put some toiletries in your car to be sure.

The parking area in front of the barns is actually taped off, not coned off. You will need to move the post with the American flag to let your car into the PA Rando Parking Paddock.

To be admitted to the Velo Fair on Saturday without having to pay for a wrist band, just say to the security guards that you are with PA RANDONNEURS, that you've just parked your car, and you'd like to get in to use the bathrooms.

No riding on the track is allowed on Saturday. Also, no riding on Sunday if the track surface is wet.

*** Original Post ***

There will be very limited sleeping space at the velodrome (two cots) Sunday. If you think you'll need to sleep a bit after the ride, put a sleeping pad and bag in your parked car, or book a room at a nearby hotel. Be sure the hotel understands your arrival time. 

There will be an area marked off with cones/caution tape in front of the the barns for Fleche overnight parking.  Because the Velo Fair Flea Market is on Saturday, it will be FAR simpler for teams to  park their cars on Friday (or earlier) compared to Saturday.

Park by these barns. There should be yellow tape marking the area.
If you need to park on Saturday, let PA Rando know when you will be arriving so that we can have someone there to facilitate your access through the Velo Fair crowds.

The parking by the barns is to the right of the track, as viewed from the road. But the finish of your fleche ride is the entrance to the left of the track, as viewed from the road. Arriving teams should take the left side entrance and follow the path to the left of the concessions. The tent covered area near turn 4 is where finish refreshments will be set up, and where you can enter the track itself for a victory lap.

ALL FLECHE RIDERS must provide a signed RUSA and Velodrome waiver to the RBA before Teams will be permitted to start.  

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