Friday, February 1, 2019

February R12: Little Britain 200

*** February 1 Update ***
The Little Britain Brevet is postponed until February 9 due to unsafe road conditions on the route.  Registered riders have been automatically transferred to the new date.  Contact the RBA if you cannot make the new date.  If you were not registered for tomorrow's brevet, you now have until Thursday, Feb 7 to register.

*** January 30 Update ***
Winter weather is nothing new on our January and February brevets.  Each year at least one of these brevets causes a few headaches for the RBA.  I am monitoring weather and road conditions on the Little Britain brevet route and will make a final decision on whether to hold the brevet on Saturday as scheduled no later than noon on Friday, February 1.  An announcement will be posted on this message board regardless of the call.

*** January 28 Update ***
A pre-ride and course checkout ride was completed this past weekend.  Minor edits to the cue sheet have been incorporated and the updated cue sheet posted on the website.  Thanks to Pat & Cecilie Gaffney for a wheels-on-the-ground check and to Bill Fischer for his eagle-eyed check from afar.  Make sure you have the revision dated 190128.

Forecasters promise the coldest temperatures so far this winter in the coming week.  The weekend should moderate a bit, but it will still be quite cold.  Live by the rando creed:  there is no bad weather, only bad gear.

The brevet starts at 7:30 am on Saturday.  Registration remains open through this Thursday.

*** Original Post ***
Event details for the Little Britain 200k to be held on February 2, 2019 are available on the PA Randonneurs website.  In case you haven't visited the website in a while, you can (and should) register on the website.  You can even pay on-line now.

For those that have already registered or checked out the route and/or cue sheet, please return and look at the UPDATED route and cue.  In light of the long-range forecasts indicating winter may have finally arrived and the tendency for this particular route to harbor icy patches on certain roads long after the skies have cleared, I've adjusted the route a bit to bypass the worst.  This re-route along with a required adjustment to bypass a long-term bridge construction project should result in a noticeably easier route. Riders should thank Matt Farrell for reminding me that this route has many options.  Be sure you are looking at the Rev. 1A cue sheet with a 190116 date code.

I look forward to seeing a good crowd for what has historically been a fun ride.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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