Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Year-End Announcements

It seems time as the year draws to a close to update you on a few changes in the works.

On line event registration was rolled out earlier and appears to be working well. It has certainly streamlined the behind-the-scenes administration administration of brevets. One area that I want to call attention to is the waiver portion. You must check off each paragraph in the waiver in order to complete the registration. You must complete the registration by the registration deadline in order to participate in the ride. Fortunately, the process is easy and takes very little time. Registration deadlines are typically midnight on the Thursday prior to the event for weekend brevets; HOWEVER, those deadlines may be moved up for some events to allow more organizing time with an accurate event headcount. This will be the case for the Fleche and very likely the 600k. The event registration deadlines will always be provided on the website event page.

Some of you may have already noticed that the website now includes the capability to renew annual membership on line, including payment. Currently only the annual PAR membership renewal has this capability, but brevet registration will soon follow. You will still have the option of paying at registration or sending your registration to the RBA by pony express, but my hope is that the majority will opt for the convenience of an on-line system. One important note in this matter: If you are planning to take advantage of the "members ride free" January brevet, please renew your membership BEFORE registering for the brevet.

Planning for the Super Randonneur series is well under way. The base of operations (starts/finishes) will be Easton, PA in the area around the Holiday Inn Express at the 25th St exit. Participants of the Fall Classic events will recognize the location. The routes will obviously be different than before, but you are sure to recognize at least a few parts of most of them.

Event listings and registration for the January and February events is live on the website. January will stage from Morgantown, PA using a route we haven't ridden in ~5 years. February will stage from Lancaster, PA using the Little Britain route.

Brevet cards for all 2018 brevet finishes have been sorted, collated, stuffed in envelopes, and will soon be in the mail to you. The Fleche certificates will be mailed out separately since I don't normally receive these until late January.

I find this annual cleaning of the brevet card file quite cathartic. The slate has been wiped clean and is ready to record another year's worth of randonneuring adventures. The possibilities are endless.    Thank you all for continuing to support this region though your participation. Best wishes in the new year.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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