Sunday, November 26, 2017

December R12 Brevet: Little Britain

*** Update 1 ***
The cue sheet has been updated and posted on the website.  Make sure you have the version dated 11/26/2017.  For those of you familiar with the route, we are using the "winter bypass" that avoids a couple short stretches of gravel road.  The route is entirely paved in the broadest meaning of the term.

Please make note that the section crossing Texter Mountain following Control 2 (miles 29 - 40) has already seen some slick conditions prompting the application of anti-skid materials.  Avoid outrunning your guardian angel on the descents.

*** Original Post ***
Details and event registration for the final R12 brevet of 2017 have been posted on the website.  Registration will remain open through 5pm on November 30.

This route offers a different twist on Lancaster County by looping generally north and south from a central start-finish location.  The route is laid out generally as a figure-8 and returns to the start location after 60 miles providing a safety bail-out should weather conditions or rider conditioning take a turn for the worse.  The route map is here.

Breakfast is available nearby at the Oregon Dairy Restaurant, approximately 1 mile north of the start location along SR 272.  The food is good and plentiful and there's even a breakfast buffet.  The baked oatmeal is one of my favorites.  The restaurant opens at 6am which leaves ample time for breakfast and to make you way to the start.  Please note that the starting time is 7:30 am to avoid having to start in the dark and allow plenty of time for a hearty breakfast.

Our finish controle will be at the Highland Pizzaria in the shopping center.  It offers a decent selection of food for hungry riders and an excellent selection of beer for those wanting a few liquid carbs to assist in post-ride replenishment.

Parking is not abundant at the start finish area, but there should be enough to manage.  We will be staging for the start at the north side entrance along Landis Valley Rd   You should park in that general area away from the store fronts.  Carpooling will help.  There is ample additional parking at the Landis Valley Farm Museum about 1/4 mile from the start on the opposite side of Oregon Pike.

Finally, as the end of the year approaches you should take the time check your RUSA and PA Randonneurs membership status and renew, if necessary.   You can renew your RUSA membership at:   The PA membership list is posted on website at: .

Andrew Mead
- Eastern PA RBA

Registered Riders (as of 11/30/17 )
1 Jimmy Aspras
2 Marc Bernardo + membership
3 Gavin Biebuyck
4 Matthew Farrell
5 J Scott Franzen
6 James R Haddad
7 James P. Holman
8 Greg Keenan
9 Jeff Lippincott
10 Alexander Manta
11 Nicholas Manta
12 Rudi Mayr
13 Andrew D Mead - organizer
14 Chris Nadovich
15 Cameron O'Mara + membership
16 Michael D Povman + membership
17 Joseph Ray + membership
18 George Michael Retseck


  1. Is it possible to register and pay for club membership on Saturday? I doubt my check would reach you in time via snail mail.

  2. If you registered online by the deadline then you can pay at the event. If not then it is at the RBA"s discretion.

  3. Great! Looking forward to it. It looks like my RUSA membership just went through so I'll bring my member ID.