Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ride Summary: A Victory to Remember

At the Start
photo by G. Metzler
We couldn't have asked for a better day for a brevet.  Almost chilly conditions at the start soon became ideal cycling weather with generally gentle winds that aligned to be quite favorable for the final 50 miles.  All twenty-one riders who clipped in at the start finished for another 100% finish rate.

Preliminary results have been posted at:
Results will be submitted to RUSA in a few days and will become final pending ACP certification.

One might have suspected there was a special equipment requirement for this brevet.  A total of SIX riders completed the route on fixed-gear bike.  Inducted into The Order of the Iron Knee are CJ Arayata, James Haddad, Guy Harris,  Greg Keenan, Jeff Lippincott, and Rudi Mayr.  While the second half of the route is generally fixie friendly, these riders had to persevere through the constant up and down of the first 50 miles to get there.

Congratulations to freshly minted randonneur Richard Ramage who completed his first brevet with a smile on his face.  He was heard asking about the next brevet, so I expect that we'll see more of him.

Finally, with the completion of an ACP 200k, first finisher Sean Connelly also joined the ranks of PA Super Randonneurs for 2017.  He blazed around this route in less than 8 hours, setting a mark that will surely stand for quite a while or until he rides this course again.

Finally, thanks to volunteers George Metzler and Jeff Lippincott.  George continues to dream with me to come up with exciting new things to do with brevets and makes all the arrangements with our host, Victory Brewing.  Jeff solo rode the course on his fixie earlier when an emergent work matter prevented me from joining him.  He then came all the way from Princeton to help not only with rider check-in at the start, but hung out all day and checked in every finisher.  These events would not happen without volunteers like this.

Tim Creyts commented:

Thanks to those who organized and helped with yesterday's "Victory to remember 200k."  Conditions were excellent for a route that ran near and slightly overlapped February's Freeze Fest.  

I always feel like those "Amish plains" in Lebanon and Lancaster Counties have some wind, and yesterday was no exception, luckily temperatures were good for most of the day.  The early start was at 47F and rose to 81F.  Perfect!  The variety of livestock was really amazing, from the teams of mules and workhorses to the young boys riding in that 2 person cart with their pony leading.  It was really great.  It's so much different and mentally uplifting when everything is green and people are out and about on a good summer day.

Sean Connelly & Tim Creyts at the finish.
photo by G. Metzler

Next up we return to our rando clubhouse in Quakertown in October for the fall classic 200/150.  Stay tuned to the website and message board for details.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

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  1. Thanks to all of the volunteers -you made the magic happen!!! What an awesome ride indeed. Thanks for posting the photos -the whole day was picturesque.