Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Classic: PA 150/200k

*** Update 2 ***

The registration deadline for this brevet is Thursday, October 20.  The event page previously indicated registration closure on the 15th which was last year's registration deadline.  If you're planning to clip in, please register by 5pm on Thursday so I have time to get all that brevet cards prepared.

*** Update 1 ***
A pre-ride was completed by Chris Nadovich on 11 October. He writes...

"This classic course is in good shape and there should be no significant cue-sheet changes needed.

Many of the roads have new or near-new pavement making for very enjoyable riding, especially on those rare stretches of relatively flat country road.  A notable exception to the smooth riding is the final descent down to the closed bridge on Headquarters Rd (mi 111). This section of road is poorly maintained. The many hazardous bumps, cracks, potholes, and downed tree branches will be hard to see in the dusk.  When you are cruising pleasantly along on the smooth, early part of Headquarters Rd, enjoying the lack of traffic because of the closed bridge, let those "Road Closed Ahead" signs remind you that the last quarter mile downhill is in bad repair.

A widespread hazard also prevalent in the final 50 km are the plethora of deer. I began seeing them after the Lommanson Glen climb. I had an ultra low speed encounter with one as I was crawling up Tunnel road. It seems that deer are also hypnotized by single, dyno powered bike headlights wobbling up a hill, even in the daytime. I had a serious talk with her about this behaviour and she moved out of my way, but I can't be sure she'll educate her friends.  Please be on the lookout for deer, especially on descents near or after dusk. Montana, Sweet Hollow, Javes, Tinicum Church, Headquarters, etc...

There is some road construction at a bridge near the base of the Fox Gap climb on Rt 191 at mi 53, but don't get your hopes up. It doesn't seem likely that they will close the road. You'll still have to climb Fox Gap, which seems to be taller than I remember -- maybe the construction has raised the mountain a few hundred feet."

*** Original Post ***

The PA Randonneurs fall series kicks off on October 22 and you have a choice of either a 150k or 200k course.  Hopefully we will see some fall colors.  The start/finish will be at our rando clubhouse, the Weisel hostel, with breakfast served 1 hour before the start  We'll also have the traditional post-ride BBQ, where we can recap the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the challenges of the coming year. Registration and other event details are at:

With only about 10.5 hours of daylight available, 200k riders will need lights and reflective gear, unless you have previously finished  the course in less than 9.5 hours.  All riders are encouraged to get into the winter habit of riding with lights and reflective gear.  You never know when your ride will be delayed and you'll find yourself returning in the dark.

Outgoing RBA Tom Rosenbauer will be on hand at the hostel in the afternoon for those wanting to thank him in person for all that he's done in creating the Easter PA Randonneurs.  So even if you can't ride, plan to stop by and wish Tom well.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA

200k Roster (as of 10/20)
1 Charles J Arayata + Fri Nt
2 Eoghan Barry
3 Gavin Biebuyck
4 Joe A Brown
5 Taylor Brown
6 Timothy T. Creyts
7 Matthew Farrell
8 William Fischer
9 Jon Fox
10 Michael J Gorman
11 Nigel Greene
12 Vadim Gritsus
13 Dmitry Gudkov + Fri Nt
14 James R Haddad + Fri Nt
15 Eric  K Hannon Ford + Fri Nt
16 Guy Harris
17 Greg Keenan
18 Gil Lebron
19 Rudi Mayr
20 Chris Nadovich - volunteer
21 William Olsen
22 Joseph Ray
23 Edward T Schantz
24 Ryan Stanis + Fri Nt
25 John van Stekelenborg
26 Aleksey Vishnyakov

150k Roster (as of 10/20)
1 Shawn Bowles + Fri Nt
2 Jane M  Brown
3 Steve Harding + Fri Nt
4 James P. Holman
5 Althea Grace Pineda
6 Anna Shipp + Fri Nt

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  1. I have made a draft ridewithgps file for the 200k. I've gone over it twice and found a few errors, but this version is very close to the cue sheet: