Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RBA Transition

*** Update 2 (9/4/16) ***
Andrew Mead will officially become the Eastern PA RBA on September 15th.  Both of us plan to be at annual BBQ we have at the hostel finish for the October 200/150k.  All are invited to come ride and then celebrate this big milestone.

*** Update 1 (2/5/16) ***
RUSA-HQ has approved Andrew Mead's application to become the new Eastern PA RBA.  The transition will become effective this coming September.  Meanwhile, Andrew and I will continue to work together on administering the 2016 calendar of events and coordinating the organizers and volunteers who we will be counting on to help run them.  Part of becoming a new RBA is selecting a mentor to consult with from time to time -- and Andrew has honored me by selecting me as his mentor, which I'm more than happy to accept.

Typically, new RBA's are limited to scheduling only a 200k and 300k during their first full year as a freshly minted RBA. But since Andrew and I have been able to effect a seamless transition plan, there will be no such restrictions placed on the Eastern PA 2017 schedule, and at least a full SR series and Fleche will be planned.  The response of volunteers and organizers stepping up to help with the 2016 events will inform the viability of scheduling the full R-12 series and other events for 2017.

As I previously mentioned, I'm extremely confident that the Eastern PA region will be in excellent hands.  The following is an excerpt from Andrew's RBA application:  ".... I was hooked on randonneuring from my very first brevet with PA Randonneurs. The regular participants are a great group with wide ranging palmarés.  Tom’s high standards in organization and cue sheet development make riding his events easy, at least from the perspective of navigation.  His routes also tend to be physically challenging which increases the level of personal satisfaction upon completion.  His routes traverse the roads less traveled.  I have seen parts of this state that I would not have otherwise experienced while riding Tom’s brevets.  
I’ve watched the organization grow from the “one man show” days when Tom handled all aspects of the event, usually including a course check-out ride, to more recent events when a group of volunteers handle most aspects of the event and report to Tom when it’s over.  It takes a lot of effort to offer the number of high-quality brevets PA Randonneurs offers each year (monthly brevets have been scheduled since 2009, I believe).  I’ve happily volunteered to help with route checkouts, creation, and event organization so that PA Randonneurs could continue to thrive.  I’m am not alone as there are several volunteers committed to making sure that the region remains viable and vibrant. 
Now is the time to let Tom sit back and watch his creation, the organization and its volunteers, work for a while.  It’s a big task, but it benefits from a decade of effort already invested.  My overall goal is to maintain the reputation of the region so that riders continue to look back on brevet completions here with fond memories and a sense of satisfaction. ...."

*** Original Post ***
Due to a medical condition that developed last year (Diffuse Scleroderma), I have begun the process of replacing myself as RBA of the Eastern PA region.  Thankfully, I have a very strong group of organizers and trusted advisers and other volunteers that have helped me run PA Randonneurs in recent years. Andrew Mead has agreed to step up to become the new RBA, and he has submitted his application to RUSA-HQ.  Andrew will be taking on more of the duties of running PA Randonneurs this year during a transition period.  Our intent is to minimize disruptions to both the 2016 calendar of events and also next year's 2017 schedule.  Having worked with Andrew since 2009 on the many routes he has developed and events he has organized, I know that the Eastern PA region will be in very good hands.

The RUSA board has Andrew's application on the  agenda for their February meeting, and we will post any news and updates to this thread.

Looking ahead to 2016, there are a several domestic 1200k's to choose from.  The Eastern PA region will be offering many brevets for qualification and preparation including a complete SR series, Fleche and an R-12 series of monthly 200k’s.  But this year, Andrew and I will be especially be counting on organizers and volunteers to help run them – organizers and volunteers can step up for the remaining opportunities by using the online volunteer sign-up sheet.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA


  1. Tom,
    Thanks so much for the countless hours that you have poured into building this organization and the rides that we all love. Get well soon!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with George's sentiments... and look forward to visiting with you, Andrew, and the rest of the PA Gruppo when I return north.