Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 PA R-12 Series Kick-Off: Beyond Hope to Hopewell

**** UPDATE ****
If you are planning to ride on Saturday, please send an email to Andrew ( and let him know.  You should also complete the on-line entry form.  The email to Andrew is a back-up plan so we can be certain to have brevet cards ready on Saturday.  You can check the list of registered entrants below to confirm that your entry was received.

**** Original Post ****
What better way to get your randonneuring season started in style than with a brevet on the day after New Year's?  Event details for the Beyond Hope to Hopewell brevet have been posted on the website at  With the potential of winter weather always present, this course sticks to primary roads with wide shoulders.  Based on the Beyond Hope to New Hope course, we start in the middle at the Milford Bakery from which we head north to Hope and points beyond.  We turn around at Hope and head to Hopewell, the southernmost point on the route, before heading back to Milford.

The start is at the Milford Bakery, but you should park your car in the big parking lot on Church St.  There is a sign indicating private parking, but PA Randonneurs has secured permission from the owner, US Health (which will be closed).  The Bakery will be open by 6AM and in addition to baked items, breakfast sandwiches can made to order.  The finish controle is at the Ship Inn just a couple of stores away from the Bakery.

Organizer Bill Olsen recently completed a course check-out and reported that the when he rode it, the roads were in relatively great shape for this time of the year, but as always, riders should remain aware of changing road conditions.  Recent rains can leave piles of gravel and debris in the most convenient locations.

Sunset is at 4:46 PM; riders are required to bring lights and reflective gear, including primary and backup lighting front and rear.  Any riders finishing after sunset without the proper safety gear will be disqualified.

If you're planning to ride, please complete an entry at the PA Randonneurs Event Registration page by 5PM Thursday afternoon.  If your name doesn't appear in the list and you're planning to clip in, email Andrew.

Registered Riders 12/31/2015

1 Ed Bernasky - 
2 Gavin Biebuyck
3 Jono Crane Davis - 
4 Barry Eoghan
5 Matthew Farrell - 
6 William Fischer
7 Patrick Gaffney - 
8 James R Haddad - 
9 Eric  K Hannon Ford - 
10 Robin C Landis
11 Gil Lebron - 
12 Jonathan Levitt
13 Peter Macholdt - 
14 Christopher Maglieri - 
15 Christine Newman
16 William Olsen - Organizer
17 Mark Olsen - Guest
18 Steven J Schoenfelder - 
19 Paul G Shapiro
20 Bob Torres
Andrew Mead

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  1. A great way to start out the New Year! The quaint village of Miford, NJ was a wonderful place to start and end the event. The bakery had many delicious high calorie offerings. The Ship Inn had great microbrews to help celebrate the finish. Thanks to Bill Olsen for organizing and administering the event!