Monday, November 9, 2015

Milford 100k

The Milford 100k is on 11/15.  Please note that this is a rare Sunday event.

The start/finish is in Milford, NJ.  Organizer Bill Olsen will be sending you on your way at the Milford Bakery start and greeting you at the Ship Inn finish. Do not leave your car at the Bakery -- there is plenty of parking in the large parking lot on Church St in Milford (PA Randonneurs has permission to use the parking lot off of Church St which is now owned by the Medical supply store at the old bakery location). The Bakery opens at 6AM and has breakfast sandwiches along with an assortment of baked goods.  The finish controle and post ride gathering will be at the Ship Inn, a couple of stores down the street from the Bakery.

SPOT trackers will be handed out to a few selected riders. The units are about the size of a cell phone and can be carried either in your back pocket or in a bag, away from the saddle. If you happen to have a personal SPOT tracker, not already listed here:
... please send me a link to your SPOT tracking webpage.

Additional event details are posted on the event web page:

Additional Course Notes:
A volunteer preride was recently completed by Guy H. Grace P. and organizer Bill Olsen. The cuesheet was updated to draft 5 dated 11/9/15 with the changes noted below.  Organizer Bill Olsen reports:
The course is very gentle in the opening miles, but being a PA course, it of course doesn’t cut riders any slack once they get warmed up and into the ride.  By the time riders get over Charlestown Road and through Tunnel, they will appreciate this shorter 100K ride.

1.       Riders should park in the lot and NOT at the Milford Bakery.

2.       Due to the low Autumn sun, depending upon their speed, faster riders may find themselves riding directly into the morning sun on some sections of Creamery and Sugan Roads.  Be on the lookout for deer and don’t take the downhills too fast.  Fortunately there is very little traffic on all of the roads.

3.       The Controle 3 is officially listed as the WaWa, but you may also stop at the McDonalds on the corner to get your card stamped.  The WaWa has no facilities but if folks need them, there is the McDonalds across the road with McCafe Coffee

4.       The section from New Hope up to Perryville is on some very low-traveled, scenic roads.  Grace remarked how did we find them…to which Guy and I responded, every road in this area of PA NJ is pretty much this nice

5.       Featherbed Lane and Hammer Road were sealed and chipped in late Summer and there is still loose stone, primarily along the edges of the road, but there are some spots where it is still in the middle sections.  At Mile 28.8, there is a gentle downward slope prior to the SS onto Featherbed Lane.  Be VERY CAREFUL to check your speed early as there is quite a bit of loose gravel at the stop sign.  A note was added to the cuesheet to remind you of this hazard.

6.       The Bear Left at 32.7 really wasn’t that hard to miss, especially with the excellent spotting cue “Barbertown Point Breeze Road on Left.”

7.       At 33.7, Highway 12 is can be busy.  It was interesting that we saw a whole string of cars waiting for traffic to clear but by the time we got to the intersection, there were no cars, and very little traffic on 12…must have been a stoplight clearing up the road.

8.       Highway 513 in Pittstown can have some traffic so be very careful making the LHT onto Perryville Road at mile 40.5.  The oncoming traffic comes over the hill pretty much just prior to the turn.

9.       They are doing storm drain repairs on Grand Street and there is a fairly large cut in the roadway just at the turn from Upper Skillman onto Grand.  It is very visible and is also filled in but one could easily catch a wheel if one is not paying attention.  This is active construction and it could be repaved by the time riders pass on the 15th.

10.   The BP MiniMart (control 4) is relatively easy to get into.  Riders will be taking the left onto 31 with the light and there is a wide shoulder on the Northbound lane.  The course has you backtracking when leaving the controle.  But rather than taking a left hand turn out of the driveway across 3 lanes of highway, riders should instead proceed to the south entrance of the BP and walk their bikes the very short distance along the shoulder to the intersection and take advantage of the crosswalk and traffic light.  Highway 31 is two lanes in the Southbound direction with no shoulder and a curb on the right hand side.  The cuesheet has been updated with these instructions to get you safely across Rt 31 at the traffic light.

*** Roster (as of 11/14) ***
1 Charles J Arayata -
2 James Aspras -  Guest
3 Razvan Buciuc -  Guest
4 Janice Chernekoff -  Guest
5 Jonathan Clamp -
6 Robert Dye -
7 Matthew Farrell -
8 Patrick Gaffney -
9 Cecilie Gaffney -
10 Michael J Gorman -  Guest
11 Stewart J Gouck -
12 Brendan Graham -  Guest
13 Nigel Greene -
14 Jeffrey A Gregg -
15 Eric  K Hannon Ford -  Guest
16 Guy Harris -  Volunteer
17 James P. Holman -
18 Gil Lebron -
19 Christine Newman -
20 William Olsen - Organizer
21 Althea Grace Pineda -  Volunteer
22 Michael Povman -
23 Jay Schulz -  Guest
24 Wynn Schulz -  Guest
25 William M Slabonik -
26 Keith A Spangler -
27 Bob Torres -
28 Gilbert Torres -

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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