Monday, July 27, 2015

July Hawk's Nest 200k Ride Report

Preliminary results have been posted at:
Results will be submitted in a couple of days to RUSA, and then become final pending ACP certification.

With the recent heatwave just over a week ago, and a new one ramping up this week, there could hardly be any complaints with the low humidity and seasonably warm temperatures for Saturday's event.

All 22 riders who made it to the start finished in good time for a 100% completion -- congratulations and well done to all! Of note, Scotty S. impoved upon his 2013 result by a handful of minutes with an incredibly fast time of 7:30.  That's about an hour faster than the typical first finisher, and this year's edition which  included the climbs up to Eldred. and Snow Hill Rd, a couple of extra miles, and some rough roads is arguably harder than previous editions.

Nigel G. writes: "... Hawk's Nest may just be my favorite 200K route which is saying a lot when you considering that it includes the climb up Old Mine Road. The morning weather was delightful and I was thankful for the tree-shaded course in the warmer afternoon. This was the kind of ride that keeps me coming back.  ...."

Jim H. writes: "...Thanks to you and volunteers Norm and Bob for another great ride.  Very comfortable morning conditions gave way to an afternoon of full sun so the shade along the route was appreciated.  Great scenery throughout.  But, as I told Matt, I wanted drop a nuclear bomb on Old Mine Rd. :-)  ...."

Zach  G. writes: "...Thanks for another great ride and route. It seems that each ride I learn something new, this ride being no exception. It was my first without a thick, puncture resistant tire. I'll need to start paying better attention to debris, and to ride further out from the gritty shoulders. Changing 2 flats was no fun business, especially the second being 3 miles from the finish. I'll heed Bill and Gavin's advice and start carrying an extra tire. Despite the unpleasant flats, the light, supple tires added much comfort and speed to my ride. Though some of the roads were rough, the Hawks Nest 200k remains one of my favorites. From the climb up the Pocono escarpment, to the winding roads along the Lackawaxen River, to the cliffs above the Delaware at Hawk's Next, the route is full of interesting geologic features and natural beauty. Hitting Marshalls Creek Rd earlier in the day, the traffic was much more calm than when I had traversed this section on the 600k, a noticeable and welcome difference. As goes with all the PA brevets I've ridden, I was in good company throughout the ride. Thanks to Bill, Bob, and Gavin for helping me through the last miles on Old Mine road with good stories. Congrats to Bob on his sub 9 hour 200k! Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2 weeks... "

Ed  B. writes: "... Beautiful ride and thanks to Bob and Norm. ...  Bob T. was a machine out there.  A nice day.  Very nice. ..."

Michael P. writes: "...Hi, Tom. Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and the volunteers for an excellent riding experience last Saturday. This was only my second brevet and it was a heck of a lot more challenging than the first but I managed to complete it with plenty of time to spare, even after stopping several times to take a bunch of pictures. The views from Hawks Nest were nothing short of spectacular and the flats along the Lackawaxen made for some very enjoyable riding. That last climb up Old Mine was really tough but knowing that I had gotten through it made the last few miles particularly satisfying. I also enjoyed meeting some of the other Randonneurs and talking about bikes and such. Looking forward to doing another PA ride in the future. ..."

Special thanks to organizer Norman S. for running the start controle and sending everybody on their way. Special Thanks also to Bob T. for manning the finish controle. Without volunteers like Norman and Bob who step up to help out, putting on these events just wouldn't be possible.

The summer series continues in two weeks with a 200k on August 8th.  Event details will be posted soon.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern  PA RBA

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