Monday, December 8, 2014

Blairstown 200k Ride Report

Creek Road Photo compliments of CJ Arayata

Preliminary results for the inaugural Blairstown 200k have been posted at:
...Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

Temperatures at the start just dipped below freezing, as evidenced by the puddles of water seen on the way to the start being glazed over during the first couple of hours of riding.  A brisk northerly wind pushed riders along to the turn around point in New Hope.  By midday, temperatures made it into the mid 40F's with plentiful sunshine, although the winds certainly made it feel colder than that.  But definitely much better riding conditions than the ones for the original scheduled date: although the ice and snow in the weather advisory never materialized, all that rain with temperatures in the low 40F's would've made for a miserable day of riding  All 17 riders who made it to start made it around in good time, for another 100% finish: congratulations, and well done for that excellent result.

Bill F.. writes: "... Thanks again for a beautiful brevet Sunday.  The new route into New Hope was very nice and the stretch along the Wickecheoke Creek coming out of Stockton was absolutely gorgeous.  We spent the morning worrying about having to push into the North wind on the way home but we stayed pretty sheltered on those beautiful country roads. A challenging route for a December brevet..."
[You usually can't go wrong with any road with "Creek" in the name -- I rediscovered this road on a scouting ride last month -- 10 years ago, it was a rutted gravel dirt road.  And yes, it certainly was an above average tough course. On paper, it didn't seem so hard as I drew it up; but those last 30 miles seemed to take forever! -Tom R.]

Jim H. writes: "...Thanks for another great ride.  Thanks also to the volunteers who made this ride possible, including Gavin who cheerfully greeted me and the other riders at the finish. The course was more challenging than expected, and combined with the cold conditions (did the mercury ever get above the mid-30's?) and December fitness, or slightly lack thereof, it made for tough going.  But all smiles at the finish. hanks for another great year of brevets, looking forward to 2015 and a joyous holiday season to all!...."

CJ 's photo album has been posted at:

Mike A. writes: "...Thank you again for another memorable ride, glad it didn't rain this time. Sorry I couldn't hang around for a bit after the ride like I would have liked to this time. That Roxbury Hill Road was quite memorable, great views from atop Bethel mountain. .."
[And congratulations to Mike for completing an R-12, Well Done! -Tom R.]

Special thanks to Gavin B. for manning the finish controle, greeting riders and signing them in until I arrived, several hours later.

This concludes the Eastern PA 2014 schedule of events.  Brevet cards, final results, and the year-end wrap-up will be going out in the coming weeks.  The 2015 schedule kicks off on January 3rd -- hopefully, we'll get a break from this stretch of rough winter weather!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA


  1. I can't believe you took them up Roxbury Hill Tom (whew). A little surprised you didn't combo that with Fiddlers Elbow for the full experience.

    Well done all,

  2. A beautiful day and a beautiful ride. Thanks Tom and thanks to all who came out. I have enjoyed each ride over the past couple of months and getting to know some of the folks in this group a little better. Cheers to a good year and looking forward to many miles in the next!

    Zach G.