Monday, October 20, 2014

PA150k/200k Ride Report

Photo compliments of George Brandt

Preliminary results for the PA200k have been posted at:
... and the for the PA150k:
...Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

Mild temperatures in the 50F's at the start eventually reached into the 60F's. After a brief spritz of rain in the morning, it was a pleasant day to be out on the bike with a mix of sun and clouds.  21 of the 24 200k starters were official finishers.  Due to an early mechanical, Eoghan B. had to withdraw as a participant but then graciously offered to sweep the course as a volunteer.  Kate and Victor completed 'a 200k' ride, but unfortunately, their GPS was not programmed with the many route tweaks in 'the official 200k'  course; hence, they could not be recognized as official finishers.  All 9 of the 150k starters made it around the course with 8 official finishers.  Of note, there were many first time participants with many riding their very first brevet.  Special thanks to Eoghan B., Matt F.,  Chris N., and several others for introducing the newcomers to the sport of randonneuring.  But with the challenging terrain for both the 150k and 200k, this was certainly an introduction into the "deep end" of the pool.  All the newcomers managed to keep their heads above water and complete the course. However, Guillanume G. finished 25 minutes past the 150k time limit, mainly due to a late start and finding some additional bonus miles near Belvidere. Also of note, Bob T. completed a RUSA cup challenge: one of each type of RUSA event and 5000k over a 2-year period -- congratulations, and well done!

Guy H. writes: "...Thanks for bringing back the great old course with new tweaks. I really liked using Mountain View Road from Stewartsville to get over that ridge. In fact the whole section from Portland to Milford was perfect. .."

Chris N. writes: "... Great new route....  My buddy Joe commented that the spectacular Autumn scenery with dry leaves blowing around in Cherry Valley was like being in an "endless
German car commercial..."

Jim H. writes: "...Thanks for another great ride.  The fall foliage was sensational in many areas with the Lommason Glen climb being especially gorgeous.  Lower Saucon Road and Mountain View Road were real kickers.  As usual, I had great riding companions, and the food at the finish was a boon for this hungry randonneur..."

Norman S. writes: "...What a fantastic day for a ride, weather, scenery, autumn leaves, big climbs, what more could you ask for in a 200k event.  Thank you and the team for putting it all together..."

RAAM finisher Geoff B. writes: "...Just wanted to thank you for your efforts on Saturday.  I really enjoyed catching up with you and seeing and chatting with some of the folks who I hadn't seen in a while.  The course was great, cue sheets were perfect, weather was ideal, food afterwards was much appreciated, and thanks so very much for making the Milford Market the last on-course controle as I was in serious need of a dill pickle.  Their "Barrel o' Pickles" in the back by the deli was was equal to a "Pot o' Gold" for my beginning to cramp calves resulting from all of the climbing.  I loved the course with it's steep climbs and comfortable descents - good stuff..."

George B. writes: "...Thanks for a great day. The course was challenging as I expected and the scenery was beautiful. Thank you for the hospitality and the delicious grilled chicken. .."

Joe D. writes: "...I had a great time on my first brevet.  The course was tough for sure... The
navigation went well except where I made a right instead of a left on one flat road, but that was only an extra 1/2 mile.  The bad one was when I got almost to the bottom of Mountain View I decided I was going the wrong way and I went back up about a mile, then turned around and went down
again...  It turns out I was about 100 yards from the stop sign when I turned.  Oops. .... The weather was great and the roads were fantastic...."

Eastern PA Suuper Randonneur, Greg K writes: "...Thanks to you for all your efforts and the framed SR plaque.  My randonneur adventures for this year have exceeded my expectations and your personal efforts are truly appreciated. ..."

Don J. completed a long streak of Eastern PA R-12 events, and writes: "...I had 25 PA R-12 rides in a row, until missing the October event due to a work conflict.  But I still have a streak going for the RUSA R-12.  I was able to get Bill's Hawks Nest Permanent in yesterday to make it 62 months in a row for RUSA R-12 Brevets. ..."
Don hopes to start a new Eastern PA R-12 streak in December.

Special thanks to volunteers Jim Bondra and Bill Slabonik for helping at the finish controle.  And thanks also to participants Zachary Goodrich,  Bob Torres, and Robin Landis for helping with the set-up and clean-up at the hostel.

The Eastern PA fall series continues with the next ride scheduled for November 1st.  The start/finish will be in Milford NJ; details will be posted soon.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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