Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blue Mountain 200k Ride Report

Photo Compliments of Christine Newman

Preliminary results have been posted at:
...Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

The spring weather so far has been a continuation of the wild roller coaster ride of this winter's extreme conditions.  But luckily for us, our ride coincided with temperatures hitting the mid 60F's with plentiful sunshine for a nearly ideal, early spring day.  The rain that was in the ominous forecast for several days never amounted to more than a few drops that barely got the road wet.  And as a bonus, the winds held off until riders turned the corner at Danielsville.  And then the wind obligingly kicked-up out the west with gusts over 30 MPH to speed everybody along to Water Gap.

All 33 riders on the roster finished in good time for another 100% finish -- congratulations to all the participants for that excellent result.  Of note Greg Keenan completed his very first brevet -- that's one down, and 11 more to go for an R-12 series.  Several other riders were first time Eastern PA participants: Ed Bernasky, Kenneth Herbert, Michelle Nguyen, and Wade Wegner -- welcome, and well done!

It's been about 15 years since Ed Bernasky rode his last brevet, and is one of RUSA's earliest members with a 3-digit RUSA number.  At the other end of the spectrum, CJ Arayata, back for his 2nd PA event, is one of RUSA's newest members, and the numbers are now approaching the 10,000 mark.  Ed writes: "... Don and Tom, Thank you very much for providing an excellent route yesterday and for the work putting this Brevet together. I do not think you could have selected better or more scenic roads for a 200k in this area.  Pretty much perfect says it all...."

Jim Holman writes "...Thanks to you and organizer Don Jagel for another excellent and challenging ride.  Terrific river and mountain views, great riding companions and improving weather conditions as the day wore on made for a fantastic early spring day.  All topped off with some brew and food at the Ship Inn...."

First finisher Norman Smeal writes: "...Thank you and Don for putting in the show yesterday.  Another great day for a ride and a great turn out.....That Stats hill is a killer.  Love the finishing location and always love those Milford Starts...."

Bill Fischer writes: "...thanks to you and Don for a wonderful ride yesterday.  After a horrendous winter, it was great to finally get outside and enjoy some sunshine with friends on a beautiful route.  I was privileged to be towed through the course by Jim, Matt and Gavin who were kind enough let me regain contact with the group on the descents (I'd rather forget about the climbs...."

Nigel Greene writes: "...The ride was a fun way to start Spring.  The great scenery provided some much needed distraction and a decent reward for all that climbing and it was good to see so many people I haven't seen for a while. I took a few pictures along the way. ....Last but not least, please thank Don again for all the time and work he put in to make the ride happen. Looking forward to another season of PA Rando adventures!..."
Nigel's photo album is posted at:
... and he got a great shot of that big tom turkey, "...staking a claim to his hens:"
Nigel has also posted another one of his eloquent ride reports at:

Christine Newman writes: "...Thanks for a great ride and thanks to Don too for managing the event.
The route was beautiful, the tailwind was perfect and the hills manageable with gears. The gathering at the Inn was the perfect finish. way too many pictures taken with my new camera:
[with over 200 pictures, that works out to about one shot for each km ridden! This one showing the long shadows and silhouettes cast by the fading sunlight:
... is one of favorites -Tom R.]

Special thanks to organizer,  Don Jagel, for checking out the course ahead of time, signing everybody in at the start, sending us off on our way, and then checking in on everybody at the Danielsville controle. And then Don was back again at the finish, to make sure everybody was safely in.  It's volunteers like Don, that make it possible to put on events every month though out the year.  And with a busy spring series underway, I'm looking for a few more volunteers to help out -- remaining opportunities to help out are posted here:

The Eastern PA spring series continues with another 200k on April 12th.  We'll be headed back to our rando-home-base at the Weisel hostel in Quakertown -- details have been posted at:

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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