Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beyond Hope to New Hope Ride Report

Preliminary results have been posted at:
...Please let me know of any corrections or other issues.  Results will be submitted shortly, and become final, pending RUSA certification.

The weather has been a wild roller coaster ride this winter: plunging below zero with wind chills around -30F one day, and then rising into the 50F's a couple of days later.  After two postponements, we managed to find a dry, safe day to ride and one with temperatures about 10F above normal -- but one with stiff winds that gusted over 20 MPH and not nearly as much sunshine as predicted.

Despite the blustery winds, all 16 participants made it around the course in excellent time for another 100% finish -- well done!

Doug Haluza took some nice photos that can be viewed at:
... be sure to check out the picture of Len Zawodniak's recumbent, complete with hard shell and fairings.  Doug writes: "...I really wanted to come, but I think I should stick to shorter rides until I can complete them pain free. Since this is an out and return course, there really is no mid way bail out option to return to the start. So this probably isn’t the best test. Hope you have a good... So that’s the email I had composed yesterday morning at 4am, before I decided to just do it and see what happens. Glad I did, though my knee might beg to differ. ... Thanks again for putting so much time and effort into coordinating these rides, especially under the challenging winter weather conditions. You always seem to find a way to get in a good one! ..."

Norman Smeal writes: "...Good job with the postponing the January R-12 event. Sunday did turn out to be the better day.  No complaints about the weather, especially for a January ride.  A little cooler than Saturday, but a good to be out on the roads.  I also like to thank Steve H. for spending that day looking after us.  Lets hope that February is just as nice. ..."

Greg Bullock writes: "...Just wanted to say "thanks" again, for the good ride Sunday. I really enjoy riding with you and the group. The rides are very well organized, which shows how much you put into them ..."

DC Randonneur, Chip Adams came all the way up to ride with us again. He writes: "... Thanks, Tom.  Looking forward to seeing you again, as well, and those other hearty PA Randos...."

Special thanks to volunteer extraordinaire,  Steve Hallett. Steve is a regular volunteer on the NJ series but has also helped out with EM1240 by manning the secret controle at the top of Fox Gap in addition to his all-day effort on this event.  Besides helping out at the start, Steve swept the entire course and was a welcoming friendly face at all the controles.  With the uncertainty of winter conditions, it's reassuring to have volunteers like Steve as safety back-up.  Thanks also, to organizer Bill Olsen for helping out at the start and sending us on our way.  And thanks also to RUSA-HQ for their quick action on getting the postponement rescheduled for Sunday.

The winter schedule continues in 3 weeks with an R-12 event on February 1st out of Milford, NJ.  If we have winter weather conditions again, we'll run the same course as Beyond Hope but start in the middle at Milford.  If the back roads are all clear and we get a nice break in the weather, we might instead run the Blue Mountain 200k.   Please drop me a note by the Thursday before the event to join the roster.  As always, be sure to monitor the website and message board for updates.  And most importantly, be safe out there on the road!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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