Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

Final results for 2013 have been posted at:

Congratulations on all those hard-earned brevets -- collectively, we officially tallied 100,090 Km in completed brevets.  All those brevets added up to 996 RUSA points, placing Eastern PA 7th out of 53 regions.  Thank you for clipping-in and being a part of that success.  But of course, none of those brevets would've been possible, if not for all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out:
- Dan Aaron:  EM1240k
- Ron & Barb Anderson: EM1240k
- Dan Barbasch: EM1240k
- Gavin Biebuyck: 300k
- Clair Beiler: EM1240k
- Jim Bondra: EM1240k
- Jeffrey Butt: EM1240k
- Janice Chernekoff: 400k
- Jon Clamp: 300k, 400k, 600k Overnight
- Bob Dye: Dec R-12
- Bill Fischer: 400k, EM1240k
- John Fuoco: EM1240k
- Scott Franzen: EM1240k
- Lane Giardina : EM1240k
- Steve Hallett: EM1240k
- Jud & Jill Hand: EM1240k
- Don Jagel: Advisor, Feb. Jul. & Aug. R-12 Organizer
- Mary Johnson: EM1240k
- Eric Keller: EM1240k
- Dave Linchorst: Oct 150/200k
- Andrew Mead: Advisor, Jan, Mar, & Sep R-12 Organizer, 400k, 600k
- George Metzler: Mar. R-12,  Sep. R-12 BBQ
- Chris Nadovich: EM1240k
- Bill Olsen: Advisor, Feb & Dec R-12, 200/300k & Jul R-12 Organizer, 400k, 600k
- Curtis Palmer: Mar. R-12
- Susan Rodetis: EM1240k
- Chris Roth: EM1240k
- Hugo & Gloria Safar: EM1240k
- Paul Scearce: EM1240k
- Bill Slabonik: Jan., Mar. R-12, 600k Overnight & Finish, Oct 150/200k
- Norman Smeal: 300k, 400k
- Keith Spangler: Oct 150/200k, EM1240k
- Gilbert Torres : EM1240k
- Michael Wali: EM1240k
- Len Zawodniak: EM1240k

This was a year of many accomplishments -- too many to list completely -- but some selected ones I'd like to share with you include:
•There were eight Eastern PA Super Randonneurs this year: Gavin Biebuyck (3rd), Ed Dodd (2nd), Guy Harris (3rd), Don Jagel (2nd), Robin Landis, Bill Olsen (5th), Paul Scearce, and Norman Smeal.  Well Done!  Guy and Paul further distinguished themselves by completing the SR series on a fixed-gear!
Bill Olsen and Norman Smeal tied for the most mileage on the PA series, riding a total of 4,500 km of the 5,000 maximum possible on the schedule. Don Jagel (4,440 km) and Eric Keller (4,000 km) were also high-mileage riders.
•Six randonnuers completed an Eastern PA R-12 series: Clair Beiler, Jeffery Butt, Don Jagel (3rd), Eric Keller, Bill Olsen (3rd)  and Norman Smeal.  This is a select group, with only 8 individuals on the Honor Roll.
Norman Smeal also joined a select position on the Eastern PA Honor roll with the completion of a PA-5000, which consists of completing the following Eastern PA events within a four year period:  EM1240k, EM1000k, SR series, Fleche.

In 2014, there will be several domestic 1200k's to choose from.  The Eastern PA region will be offering many brevets for qualification and preparation including a complete SR series, Fleche and an R-12 series of monthly 200k’s.  But I’ll be counting on volunteers to help run them – a most welcome holiday gift to your RBA would be to have all the 2014 volunteer needs filled out before the first event on January 4th:

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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