Monday, November 18, 2013

Le Retour du Stillwater 200k

*** Update #1 (12/5/13) ***
Bob Dye will be greeting you at the start, and signing you in at the Milford Bakery start and checking your lights and reflective gear.  The bakery opens at 6AM, and offers some breakfast sandwiches made to order, along with other bakery items. Park your car in the big lot off of Church St -- there are "No Parking" signs posted at the lot, but PA Randonneurs has secured permission to use it for our event.  Bill Olsen will meet you at the pizzeria finish controle, but if you arrive before he does, you can get your card signed and left at the counter.  I'm keeping a close eye on the rain and snow in the forecast for Friday night and early Saturday morning.  At this time, it looks like the precipitation will clear the area before the start.  But be sure to monitor the website and message board for any last minute updates.

*** Original Post ***
New PA Randonneur member, Greg Bullock, scouted out the course this past weekend, and reports:

"....At mile 82.1, I did not see a sign for "Airport Rd.". There is a sign for "Pequest Rd.", which looks askew, but nothing for Airport. As the cue sheet notes, it is the "1st L" which we made. It is obviously Airport Rd., as there is an airport on your right a mile or so down the road. ... Also, Some extra caution is advised on the descent on Rte 579 in the dark at the top of Tunnel Rd. That section of road is a major deer haunt after dark. Also, descending Pattenburg-Little York Rd. is also a high volume deer area. The route is exceptional. I'm very familiar with the first 30 miles and the last 30 miles, having lived in Hunterdon, Warren and Northampton Counties most of my life. So, I'm looking forward to the ride... My take-away from this recon, was that I'll be doing some extra ascent training up in the Hunterdon/Warren hills over the next two weeks!"

*** Roster as of 12/6/13 ***
1 Michael Anderson
2 Clair Beiler
3 Gavin Biebuyck
4 Greg Bullock
5 Jeffery S Butt
6 Jonathan Clamp
7 J Scott Franzen
8 Doug Haluza
9 Donald Jagel
10 Eric Keller
11 Christopher Maglieri
12 Gary Mass
13 William Olsen
14 Tom Rosenbauer
15 Norman Smeal
16 Eric Smucker

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  1. last year, just before I got to the intersection with York road and while I was still going quite fast, I realized there was a buck with a very impressive rack standing on the shoulder. I may have seen 10 deer between there and the finish. Sandy got them out of the woods, hopefully it's not as bad this year