Monday, August 12, 2013

August R-12: Hawks Nest 200k

*** Update 1 (8/16) ***
Looks like the weather is shaping up to be fantastic, with low humidity and mild temperatures on tap. 

The Water Gap diner has promised to have the grill fired-up by 6AM, so you can top off with a good breakfast before the start.  Organizer, Don Jagel will be meeting you there at the start to send you on your way and  greeting you at the finish.  Please note the parking instructions posted on the event website:

There are a number of first-time participants, and I trust that the regular riders will extend them all a warm welcome and perhaps share a few miles with them.

And of course, the message board should **always be monitored** for any last minute updates or changes.

Have a safe ride!

*** Roster as of 8/16 ****
1 Clair Beiler
2 Jane M  Brown (first brevet)
3 Joe A Brown
4 Jeffery S Butt
5 Jonathan Clamp
6 Matthew Farrell
7 Joe Fillip
8 J Scott Franzen
9 Jim Holman (first brevet)
10 Robin C Landis
11 Peter C Phillips
12 Althea Grace Pineda
13 Norman Smeal

14 Scotty Steingart (first brevet)

*** Original Post ***
With summer weather upon us, the August 17th Hawk's Nest 200k course will be heading north into Promised Land, where the temperatures are typically several degrees cooler.  Most of the route is shaded, which will also bring some relief from the heat.  Riders typically finish this course about an hour faster than other Eastern   PA 200k's.  Event details are at:

If you liked to join the roster, please send me an e-mail by Thursday.  

Course Notes:
-If you've never been across the Rt 80 bridge near Water Gap, it's a little bit tricky.  You need to look for a sidewalk/ramp about 50 yards past the Rt 80 underpass which you will cross under.  The picture below shows the ramp on the left, which is in between the road you will be traveling (on the right) and Rt 80 (far left):

You will be facing on-coming traffic as you go across the bridge.

The Water Gap Diner will be opening at 6AM if you'd like to top off with a good breakfast before the start.

Reminder: Parking is behind the Water Gap Diner -  Directions are posted here:

The Water Gap diner has promised to have the grill fired-up by 6AM, so you can top off with a good breakfast before the start.  

*** Don Jagel's Course Notes for the July event  ***
Overall, road conditions were good, with no major obstructions, or detours.  During my ride, traffic was light, even in Port Jervis.  Several locations riders should take some extra caution include:

Mile 0.0: A construction zone at the very beginning of the route on Broad Street, before turning onto River Road.  The traffic is squeezed into a single lane, so be aware of any inattentive drivers.

Mile 19.4: Deli is closed for business.

Mile ~43.0 On Kimble/Martin Road (about 43 miles), which is the road that passes all the big satellite dishes, I did notice a pothole/collapse starting to develop over a culvert.  This hole is currently only about 8 inches in diameter and more than 1 foot deep, and will probably grow over time.  No big deal, and easy to avoid.  Most riders will probably not even notice it.

Mile ~95:  Along Jager Road (about mile 95) a partial road collapse has traffic squeezed to the left side of the road for a short distance.  Be aware of traffic coming down the hill towards you as there is limited space.

Mile ~125.1  At the end of the ride, as Old Mine Road passes under Rt. 80, there is a construction zone that is set up with concrete Jersey barriers.  Be careful passing through this area and be sure you stay in the travel lane (towards the left), as it is possible to end up on the wrong side of the barriers.  Also be aware that there are several grooves in the concrete roadway that could potential catch the tire of an unsuspecting rider.  There is no shoulder to the road in this area making the sharp left hand turn onto the sidewalk over the Delaware River a bit more difficult if traffic is heavy.

A good portion of the route is shaded keeping hot temperatures somewhat bearable.

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