Wednesday, September 12, 2012


*** Update #2 (10/19) ***
The cuesheets have been updated to draft 6 for the 200k and draft 5 for the 150k, dated 10/19/12.  This update includes a correction from my thursday volunteer pre-ride:
- Mile 65.4 (150k) / 97.0 (200k): Added missing cue to turn onto Sweet Hollow Rd.

For my thursday 200k pre-ride, the fall foliage was absolutely gorgeous and the course was in very good shape (with ribbons of fresh asphalt in several spots that have been long overdue to replace crumbling roads) -- at least that's how it was before the rain storm came through on Thursday night.  For Saturday's event, I suspect that many of those colorful leaves might be on the road, so be sure to be watch for wet leaves on the road, especially on the turns.  In addition to that potential hazard, there are a couple of other items to be aware of:
- Mile 5.3-8.3: There are some relatively new patches of chip-seal on Sawmill Rd and Stoney Garden Rd.  I found some loose gravel on these patches -- so watch out for this hazard (particularly if you're still with a large bunch of riders).
- There was some pretty dense fog early in the morning in the valleys and along the Delaware River.  Remember to at least turn on your taillights light if you encounter these conditions.
- As noted on the cuesheet, 200k riders should watch for large sewer grates on the descent after Wind Gap ... you should take a line more towards the left in order to keep away from some very large holes (that most assuredly will ruin your day)
- The store at controle #4 on the 200k has a new name: "Penn Jersey Food Mart".  (The cuesheet has not been updated and still has the previous "Citgo Portmart" name).
- There was some road construction just past the Belvidere bridge, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get past this when you pass through.

*** Update #1 (10/14) ***
The cuesheets have been updated to draft 5 for the 200k and draft 4 for the 150k, dated 10/14/12.  This update incorporates a detour on Geigel Hill Rd to get around a covered bridge that was recently damaged.  A 15 foot high truck tried to cross the bridge, but unfortunately, the bridge clearance is only 14 feet.  The barriers that were erected while repairs are being made are very difficult to get around, so the reroute will give you the opportunity to see some new roads (and hills!) in Tinicum township.

*** Roster (as of 10/18) ***

1 Glenn Ammons 200k
2 Barbara Solis Anderson 150k
3 Ronald Anderson 150k
4 James Aspras 150k
5 Gavin Biebuyck 200k
6 Jeffery S Butt 200k
7 George Carey 200k
8 Laurent Chambard 150k
9 Janice Chernekoff 150k
10 Jonathan Clamp
11 Matthew Farrell 200k
12 Diane Goodwin 150k
13 Nigel Greene 200k
14 Steve Harding 150k
15 Donald Jagel 200k
16 Eric Keller 200k
17 Joe Kratovil 200k
18 Robin C Landis 200k
19 Andrew D Mead 200k
20 Christine Newman 150k
21 William Olsen 200k
22 Walter J Pettigrew 200k
23 Peter C Phillips 200k
24 Tom Reeder 150k
25 Tom Rosenbauer 200k
26 Chris Roth 200k
27 Hugo Safar 150k
28 Julian Safar 150k
29 W David Thompson 150k
30 Gilbert Torres 200k
31 Bob Torres 200k

*** Original Post ***
The next event is on October 20 and you have a choice of either a 150k or 200k course.  The start/finish will be at the Weisel hostel, with breakfast served 1 hour before the start  We'll also have the traditional post-ride BBQ, where we can recap the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the challenges of the coming year.
PA Members can register by sending me an e-mail, and pay the $30 entry fee when they sign-in.  Non-members can register by mailing in the registration form posted at:

With only about 10.5 hours of daylight available, lights and reflective gear will be required, unless you have previously finished the course in less than 9.5 hours.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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