Friday, January 27, 2012

Beyond Hope to New Hope 200k

*** Update 1 (1/28) ***
A volunteer pre-ride was completed on 1/28 by Len Zawodniak and yours truly (Thanks Len, for the wonderful company!).  We had fantastic weather, with mostly sunny skies for much of the day.  Temperatures were in the middle 30F's at the start and topped out around 50F.  Winds were calm at the start and picked up out of the south west as we approached New Hope.   We got a nice boost in the form of a 15 MPH tailwind for the last 26 miles to the finish.  It felt a lot more like a early spring day than a winter one.

The cuesheet has been updated to draft 7 (dated 1/28) with a couple of minor clarifications and a route tweak in Frenchtown on the return leg.  In general, the course is in very good shape, but some extra care should be taken with the following:
-There was standing water under the underpasses and along the cliffs near Milford...these of course might be frozen over when you pass through.
-There is plenty of loose gravel and sand from recent road treatments.
-The northbound lane of Rt 29 is in very bad condition in several spots.

Reminder: With the limited daylight, lights and reflective gear will be checked at the start.

***Rider Roster (as of 2/3) ***
-Chip Adams
-Mike Anderson
-Ron Anderson
-Barbara Anderson
-Colin Bailey
-Dan Barbasch
-Clari Beiler (Guest Member)
-Gavin Biebuyck
-Geoff Brunner
-Janice Chernekoff
-Jon Clamp
-Rick Collins
-Bob Dye
-Matt Farrell
-Joe Fillip
-Bill Fischer
-Ixsa Golliur
-Doug Haluza
-Cynthia Hearing
-Don Jagel
-Mary Johnson
-Bill Olsen
-Jon Levitt
-George Metzler
-Ralph Miller (New Member)
-Christine Newman
-Tom Rosenbauer (volunteer pre-ride)
-Chris Roth
-Paul Shapiro
-Norman Smeal
-Bob Torres
-Ivan Umble
-Len Zawodniak (volunteer pre-ride)

*** Original Post ***
The Beyond Hope to New Hope 200k is scheduled for Saturday, February 4.  The current long range forecast looks promising, but weather and road conditions this time of year may cause last minute postponements, so be sure to check back the website and message board for any updates.

***Please note the new start/finish location has been moved to Blairstown for this edition***
You can walk across the foot bridge at "Foot  Bridge Park" (where you'll be parking your car) and have breakfast at the Blairstown diner.  The finish controle at the Blairstown Inn is just a couple of stores away from the diner.  
The course routing mainly uses primary roads, since these have the best chance of being cleared and treated for winter conditions.

There is a volunteer preride scheduled for January 28th, so check the website for any cuesheet updates.
If you're planning to ride, send me an e-mail to join the roster -- please let me know by the Thursday before the event.
-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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