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April 2011 - Water Gap 200/300

************************ Update #4 (4/1/11) *********************
The event is on as scheduled for this Saturday, April 2.  However, the start time has been changed to 6AM, which is right around first light.  This will make it easier to spot any icy patches that may have formed in the overnight hours.  This will also allow for things to warm up a bit more as you head over Blue Mountain at Little Gap. The cuesheets will be updated later today with the new start time, but you can use the current one if you've already have printed it out (just add an hour to all the open/close times listed).

************************ Update #3 (3/31/11) *********************
Due to the potential for a significant snowfall in the Poconos in northeastern PA, there is a good chance that the event will need to be postponed.  A final determination will be made after it stops snowing around midday on Friday.

************************ Update #2 (3/29/11) *********************
Ron Anderson has arranged to borrow a complete set of the PBP Compliant Reflective Vests and have them available this weekend for size checks and color preference selection. See Ron early Saturday morning to express interest and place an order. Thanks to Bill Beck, Nick Bull and the generosity of DC Randonneurs for loaning their vests to us for the weekend.

************************ Update #1 (3/28/11) *********************
The cuesheets have been updated to Draft 5, dated 3/26/11.  Pending any last minute corrections, these should be final.

Rick Carpenter completed a volunteer preride this past weekend.  With the very chilly weather, Rick "took one for the team" -- temperatures were in the mid 20's when he clipped in.  And the descent from Little Gap saw temperatures in the teens, *before* factoring in a +40MPH windchill.  Rick's preride pictures are posted here:

Along with the updated cuesheets, updated maps and an updated ride description has been posted on the event webpage:

Course Notes:
- The course is very similar to the 2010 edition, with the notable exception of the start/finish which is the Weisel Youth Hostel this year (instead of the Hampton Inn Quakertown).
- The leg to Controle 2 in Cherryville has some route tweaks for quieter roads.
- For those not familiar with the Rt 80 pedestrian walk near Water Gap, there are some details posted at the end of this link:
- The penultimate controle has been changed from the Stewartsville Deli to a 24-hr truckstop.
- The final leg to the finish has a major route tweak for quieter roads from Reigelsville.
- At mile 176 (300k) / 117 (200k), please take some extra caution.  You will be coming to a T stop on a moderate descent.  There is a fair bit of gravel at the end, and if you overshoot, you'll skid into a busy road (Rt 412).  You'll be making a left followed by quick right to cross Rt 412.  However, the traffic is very fast on Rt 412, and there is a limited-sight hazard to your left -- so be sure that road is clear before heading across.

Other notes:
The list of registered riders, along with hostel reservations and fees due, has been posted here:

There's still some room at the hostel, if you'd like stay either Friday and/or Saturday night.  PA Members can join the roster (taking both the early registration discount and member discount) by sending me an e-mail before Friday.  If you're not riding this time, I could use the help of one or two volunteers for route sweeping in the early evening.

For those unfamiliar with the hostel start/finish, there is an overview of what to expect posted here:
.... please note the parking guidelines to use the big parking lot between the road and the house (the few parking spots near the house are reserved).  Breakfast will be served 1 hour before the start and a postride meal will also be provided.

As always, please be sure to monitor the website and message board for any last minute updates -- I'm keeping a close eye on the weather forecast which is calling for snow showers at this time.

Future Events
The PA Fleche follows 2 weeks after the 300k.  Team Captains need to provide their list of controles by April 3.  Andrew Mead will be helping out with route approval.

************************** Original Post ***********************

photo courtesy of Mary Gersema

The event page has been updated and registration is now open for the PA Randonneurs' Water Gap brevet to be held on April 2. Two different courses are being offered, each staged from PA Randonneurs "headquarters" at the Weisel Youth Hostel in Quakertown. Riders working on early qualification for PBP or pursuing a Super Randonneur award can opt for the 300k course. Riders wanting to keep a R12 series alive or just getting started on their SR series can opt for the 200k course (a second 300k event will be offered in May). The 200k and the 300k are RUSA and ACP sanctioned.

Don't delay. Register today. Remember that pre-registration is required for the "classic" brevets.

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