Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Daily Randonneur Photo Contest

Just in case you don't follow, don't have time to follow, or simply aren't aware that you should be following, Ed Felker and company (Jon Gardner & Mary Gersema) are posting results of the latest TDR photo contest during the week of January 21. There are quite a few familiar faces and places among the entries. You can check out all the photos and results of the judging at The Daily Randonneur.

Congratulations to Shane Beake for his runner-up finish in the Spirit of Randonneuring category with his picture of the 2010 Cyclepath fleche team warming up at the Quakertown Hostel following a very wet 24 hours.

wrapped in blankets to stop the shivering


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  2. Thanks, Andrew! This is the "and company" part of the TDR operation. Thanks for the shout-out about the contest. We hope people are enjoying it!

  3. MG,
    I used "and company" only because i couldn't remember Jon's last name.

    I've already been to look at all of the entries and have my own picks for winners. After 3 days 2 of my picks have won or were runner up. Guess I'd better resist the call of "full time photo judge" and keep my day job.

  4. No worries... I was just kidding! But the contest is definitely my baby. I had no idea what the winners would be. We had so many excellent choices!