Friday, September 3, 2010

September R-12: Inaugral Hawk Mountain 200k

--- Sept. 9 Update ---

Lights and reflective gear will be required. If you have an Eastern PA 200k finish that's under 10 hours, I'll waive the lighting requirement. But even if you are a fast rider, circumstances may keep you out on course longer than you expect, and a DQ for not having lights after sundown will be the least of your problems.

--- Sept. 6 Update: ---
The cue sheet has been updated to Draft 3 to incorporate recon data from the route and to attempt to get the map and the cue sheet to agree on the mileage. Be sure to download a copy before the weekend. I'll have a few copies available at the start. I should reach the start location by 6:15 or as soon as I finish breakfast at the Pancake Farm. It looks like a good turnout so far.

Andrew Mead
Event Organizer

--- Original Message ---

The next R-12 event is September 11 -- we'll be running the inaugural Hawk Mountain 200k, created by organizer Andrew Mead. This looks like a fantastic course, and will cover both new and some familiar roads in Lancaster county. Details have been posted on the event web page:
... As noted on the event webpage, the Pancake Farm is a great place to top off with a hearty breakfast before clipping in. And afterwards, we'll be headed down the road a couple of miles to Two Cousins Pizza for a postride gathering.

*** Registered Riders as of 9/9 ***
So far, I've heard from:
-Bob Dye
-Jim Mooney
-Doug Haluza
-Shane Beake
-Joe Fillip

-Bill Fischer
-Bill Slabonik
-Ron Anderson
-Barbara Anderson
-Jud Hand
-Kelly Smith (looking to share a hotel room)
-Mary Crawley
-Joe Kratovil
-Al Blanchette
-Matt Farrell

-Steve Farrah
-Ed Pavelka
-Len Zawodniak
-Ivan Umble
-Jerry Umble
-Don Jagel
-Mark Kaufman
-Eric Keller

-Althea Grace Pineda
-Bob Torres
-Krister Anderson
-Guy Harris
-Andrew Mead (Organizer)
-And your's truly (RBA)

... drop me or Andrew a note, if you're planning to join us.

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  1. Will LenZ be attempting a 'bent record on the course? Will a tandem course record require multiple teams to duke it out on the early climbs? So much excitement!