Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ride Results: Milford 100k

Preliminary results have been posted at:
Results will submitted to RUSA in a few days and become official at that time.

The prospect of windy, cold, wet weather had many registrants re-thinking their plans for the Milford 100k with half of the field opting to stay inside and warm.  Four hearty randonneurs clipped in and, along with tireless organizer Bill Olsen who completed the course check-out ride the weekend earlier, finished for a 100% completion rate.  Temperatures were moderate compared to the week before and the rain held off for a while so riders at least didn't have to start in the rain.  Congratulations to Sean O'Connor who notched his first populaire finish.  After finishing the Milford course, he should be ready to tackle a brevet. 

Much appreciation goes to organizer Bill Olsen.  You've seen him at a majority of the 2017 brevet events as he is tireless in making sure PA Randonneurs can offer the number of quality events on the calendar.  Bill's insistence that we include populaires on the calendar is the reason the Milford 100 happens.  Not only is it a way to attract new potential randonneurs, but it offers another opportunity for randonneurs pursuing the RUSA Cup. Be sure to thank Bill the next time you see him.  As for populaires in 2018, we scheduled only the October 150k for now.  RUSA has eased the requirements for adding new events to the schedule.  Our intent is to offer a few more populaires in 2018, but consider volunteer availability, rider interest, and weather with the hope that populaires will be well attended and fun.

Next up is the Little Britain 200k on December 2.  Event details have been posted on the website.  A partial course checkout ride yielded a few minor tweeks to the cue sheet.  Look for an update after Thanksgiving.

Andrew Mead
-Eastern PA RBA

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ride Results: Blue Mountain 200k

Preliminary results have been posted at:
Results will submitted to RUSA in a few days and become official at that time.

After a string of unseasonably pleasant brevets our run of good luck was snapped for the Milford, NJ start of the Blue Mountain 200k.  The mercury had dipped to 20F as riders clipped in.  Riders reported that it was a little slow starting out in the cooler early morning temperatures but once they reached the Wind Gap controle they had tailwinds all the way to Danielsville and the very welcomed Miller's Market controle.  The snow blowing onto the roadway from Blue Moutain was a warning of the tough section ahead up into the headwinds funneling through Lower Smith Gap Road.  Once riders made it to Water Gap and headed south along the river they all knew they had the rest of the ride 'in the bank.'  Sunny skies and moderating temperatures made for a decent day for a brevet and another 100% finish rate.

Congratulations to freshly minted randonneurs Alexander Manta and Zachary Rachell who braved the less than ideal weather to notch their first brevets.  I'm sure we'll be seeing more strong finishes from these two.

Jimmy Asparas typed this after his fingers thawed.

Hey Bill,

Thanks for organizing the ride yesterday. I always appreciate the volunteers that get up so early and hang around all day for us riders.

It was the coldest start since February, and the wind added another element to the mix that made for a slow day. I fought the wind with Chris Maglieri until a couple miles from Miller's Market. I have to give a shoutout to Miller's - the woman working there was super nice and even gave me a free banana because she said they were on the way out. I wouldn't be opposed to making that the stop of our future Danielsville controles.

The climb up Blue Mountain was nice to warm up the body after the controle. The unexpected snow making being blown into the road/my face on the descent was...interesting.

I enjoyed some pretty nice views and was thankful that we made a left onto 191 instead of a right up to Fox Gap. Although maybe if I was feeling better maybe I would have made the right for kicks ;)

I found my legs somewhere right after Water Gap and had a decent ride all the way back, finishing just before it got too dark which was my goal for the day.

With Saturday's completion, Jimmy Aspras he joins an elite group of PA Randonneurs who have earned the PA R-12 honor.  The R-12 is hard enough in its own right, but to complete 12 consecutive monthly PA brevets is quite the accomplishment.  Chappeau, Jimmy!

Special thanks to Bill Olsen and his able assistant Chris Nadovich for their exceptional organizational skill.  Bill even managed to pre-ride next weeks 100k route while everyone else rode the 200.

Next up is the Milford Populaire 100k starting from the same Bridge Street Bagel & Deli venue as this weekend's 200.  Starting time is 7:00am.  Registration is open through 5pm Thursday.

Registered Riders as of 11/16 include:
1 Jimmy Aspras
2 Marc Bernardo
3 Jane M  Brown
4 Joe A Brown
5 Sean O'Connor
6 William Olsen - organizer
7 Michael D Povman
8 Aleksey M Vishnyakov
9 Naomi Wyatt

In December we will head west to Lancaster County for the Little Britain 200k starting from Landis Valley near Lancaster.  Mark your calendar and make plans now for this December 2 season ender.

Andrew Mead
Eastern PA RBA